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[07.03.21 / 17:00 CET]




Hello, some time has passed since the previous edition of the server I would like to present the next edition which will take place on 07.03.2021

[+] The Market system has been improved with the number of items displayed + time of item issue from 24h to 168h

[+] Improved the status balance system, everyone develops his ninja as he wants

[+] Fixed known map errors

[+] Reduction of items with protection -50%

[+] Nerf Dungeons by -50%

[+] New quests including Akatsuki ring and others!

[+] New rewards for the saga and reward's room saga

[+] Fixed Blessings


[+] / infomonster "name" drop list for id and their drop chance

[+] Miniboss and their improvement have been improved

[+] Taski added

[+] Fixed bug with expienia on monsters with a different lvl range

[+] Item regeneration has been improved

[+]% Of items on PVE have been corrected

[+] SAG respawn has been improved

Many many others.








ShinobiRevolution.eu ~~ Naruto Ots , Ots , Tibia , Etake Server , Tibia Server , Tibia Ots , Naruto Ots , Etake , Shinobi Revolution, Shinobi , Revolution, Naruto (http://shinobirevolution.eu)

Create an account today and wait for it to start! first 100 3dni premium account for free !!!








  • *Server Easy/Medium

  • Bot Ilegal

  • *Task System

  • *Daily Quest

  • *Attack Speed System

  • *20 Frags RS

  • *15min Skull

  • *30sec PZ

  • *Critical System

  • *More Events







Create an account today and wait for it to start! first 100 3dni premium accounts

System for developing your Shinobi

from now on each character can be developed in the way you think is right, the characters to start are the same at a later stage of the game, only the special jutsu differs

unt for free !!!





Skin System 200+ Skins!


Market System!


Status System!

Like And win 3k points





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      151 - 200 level: x10
      201 - 300 level: x7
      301 - 400 level: x5
      401 - 500 level: x4
      501 - 700 level: x3
      701+ level: x2

      Skills rate: 
      1 - 50 skill: x30
      51 - 80 skill: x25
      81 - 100 skill: x20
      101 - 120 skill: x15
      121+ skill: x10

      Magic rate: 
      1 - 50 mlvl: x15
      51 - 80 mlvl: x10
      81 - 100 mlvl: x7
      101+ mlvl: x5
      Loot rate: x3,5

      Type: RPG/PVPE
      Map: Custom Evo
      Protection Level: 100

      More information:
      Daily bosses, events, raids.
      Custom hunts, quests, bosses and items.
      Upgrade and enchant systems.
      What awaits us and why is it worth staying with us?
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      - Inbuing system working as on Rl Tibia for gold tokens!
      - Custom system to exchange Giveria Coins for Tibia Coins or other useful things!
      - Boss raids in special rooms + raids on hunting grounds (eg Izcandar Champion of Summer respawns periodically on summer elves exp)!
      - Special Task system for monsters from hunting grounds
      - New, better proffesion balance !

      We hope you enjoy your time with us.
      Create account now and enjoy!
      Winter Update 2020
      (Rascoohan Outfits, Raccoon backpack, Exotic Cave Spider cave, PiRat Mines)       Summer Update 2020
      (Claustrophobic Inferno, Rotten Wasteland, Mirrored Nightmare, Soul War Quest)     Winter Update 2019
      (Barren Drift, Zarganash, Brain Grounds, Netherworld)     Summer Update 2019
      (Issavi-new city, Kilmaresh-new island, Cobra Bastion, Kilmaresh Quest-new mount)       Some pictures from GivariaOT







    • By azeraN
      7 MAIO 15:00 [GMT-3]
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