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🧙 Abertura 06/11/2021 as 18h00 🧙
Bem vindos ao Baiak Depth!
- Versão: [8.60]
- IP: baiakdepth.com Port: 7171
- Cliente Próprio
- Sistema De montaria exclusivo ( Único baiak com tal sistema )
- Invasão de bosses automaticas
- Sala de Bosses
- Mapa único
- Reset System
- Sistema de Cassino
- Daily Quest
- Sistema de Idade
- Cast System com setas
- Eventos novos e únicos
- Reward System
- Cliente próprio com updater & dando 5% a mais de EXP
- CastleWAR e Castle24H únicos
- Refine System
- Sistema de mineração
- Sistema de Dodge / Critical / Reflect ( 0 / 100 )
Entre outras varias novidades...
Aguardamos você no lançamento!
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  • Drakksz changed the title to [REABERTURA] BAIAK DEPTH 8.60 COM SISTEMA DE MONTARIAS 06/11

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      quiere jugar un ot nuevo?
      quiere dominar?
      entre con sus amigos a jugar y divertirse 
      pronta actualización 12.85 
      bosses soul 100%
      boss devovorga con raid
      staff activo
      Demente-Global - Latestnews - Free Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (global-demente.online)
      quer jogar um novo ot?
      quer dominar?
      venha com seus amigos para jogar e se divertir
      em breve atualização 12.85
      alma do chefe 100%
      boss devovorga com raid
      equipe ativa
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    • By wizinx
      Imperium will launched with Open-PVP server:  Imperium - America South, Sao Paulo Meaning they will never reset!, Once your character is created, it will be with you forever!


      Imperium features: Non-stackable runes/fluids Runes from NPCs and players Accurate 7.4 formulas Free premium system No Drop Spear/Small Stone Runes / Amunation x2 Free Djinn in Thais Cast system bonus 10% exp Free Spells Traditional promotion system No runes on hotkeys No wands/rods 7.4 map + Port Hope + Custom Zones Anti-lag systems to ensure smooth gameplay Shared Exp in Party + Bonus Vocation (100%) Tasks System Bank System

      Rates: EXPERIENCE STAGES 2x Loot 2x Magic 5x Skills

       If you're new to the community, join the Imperium Discord server to chat with other players and staff!

      Imperium will launch on January 21, 18:00   .

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      Imperium Staff
    • By Menciulo
      [23.01.22 / 18:00 CET]

      Hello, some time has passed since the previous edition of the server I would like to present the next edition which will take place on 23.01.2022
      [+] The Market system has been improved with the number of items displayed + time of item issue from 24h to 168h
      [+] Improved the status balance system, everyone develops his ninja as he wants
      [+] Fixed known map errors
      [+] Reduction of items with protection -50%
      [+] Nerf Dungeons by -50%
      [+] New quests including Akatsuki ring and others!
      [+] New rewards for the saga and reward's room saga
      [+] Fixed Blessings
      [+] MVP BOX DROP
      [+] / infomonster "name" drop list for id and their drop chance
      [+] Miniboss and their improvement have been improved
      [+] Taski added
      [+] Fixed bug with expienia on monsters with a different lvl range
      [+] Item regeneration has been improved
      [+]% Of items on PVE have been corrected
      [+] SAG respawn has been improved
      Many many others.

      ShinobiRevolution.eu ~~ Naruto Ots , Ots , Tibia , Etake Server , Tibia Server , Tibia Ots , Naruto Ots , Etake , Shinobi Revolution, Shinobi , Revolution, Naruto (http://shinobirevolution.eu)
      Create an account today and wait for it to start! first 100 players 3dni premium account for free !!!

      *Server Easy/Medium
      Bot Ilegal
      *Task System
      *Daily Quest
      *Attack Speed System
      *20 Frags RS
      *15min Skull
      *30sec PZ
      *Critical System
      *More Events

      Create an account today and wait for it to start! first 100 3dni premium accounts
      System for developing your Shinobi
      from now on each character can be developed in the way you think is right, the characters to start are the same at a later stage of the game, only the special jutsu differs

    • By paulinhootibiaa
      nao consigo baixar nenhum ot 7.6 com account manager em lugar nenhum! alguem pode me indicar ai? preciso de um ot que entre no 1/1
      nao consigo. todos que baixo esta sem o account manager
      alguem ai?
    • By Zulfix
      Hello everyone,
      I would like to announce that our OxygenOT is going to start a new season next Friday 21-1-2022 at 18:00 PM GMT time.
      I hope you like changes and things i have done with it.
      I did a lot of changes to make it more better than before.

      Let me share some information about it,
      Connection information:
      Custom (based on 8.60 with custom sprite
      Regular Client
      Android Client
      Download - OxygenOT (https://oxygenot.com/download)
      Create account:
      Create Account - OxygenOT (https://oxygenot.com/account/create)
      Server information:
      Exp rate: Stages (Exp Stages - OxygenOT (https://oxygenot.com/experienceStages))
      Loot rate: x1
      Skills rate: x8
      Magic rate: x10
      Exp from players: x1
      Exp from players during guild wars: x1.5
      Type: RPG/PVP
      Map: EVO (custom edition)
      Attack Type: Fast Attack
      Protection Level: 150
      Skulls: Yes.
      PZ Lock: 1 min.
      White Skull Time: 5 min.
      Red Skull Time: 3 days.
      Frags to Red Skull: 10.
      Frag Time: 5 hours.
      Game information:
      Daily and hourly bosses.
      Daily events with premium points reward.
      Normal tasks and daily tasks with great rewards.
      Custom items with new stats.
      Custom hunts, quests and monsters.
      Attribute points can be collected and use them to gain stats.
      No multi clients.
      Great systems like (Auto loot, Live cast, Boss reward and Guild wars)
      Extra experience for guild wars.
      Team hunts with party sharing experience based on how many players in the party.
      Melee skill so knights can used any kind of weapon without need to train each kind (axe, sword or club).
      Wand skill for sorcerers and druids to determine your damage.
      All damages dealt based on your skills, level and weapon attack.
      New character description shows much information about you.
      Custom spells with nice effects.
      Balanced vocations.
      No pay to win as everything can be obtained from the game and items in the shop only to support server to keep it online.
      Active and kind team which can offer support at any time.
      Contact information:
      Join the OxygenOT Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/tBG9x8w)
      I hope you enjoy your time with us!
      Now, let me share some photos from OxygenOT,

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