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    • By Bruxo Rpg
      Bruxo Rpg é um mmorg com base tibia, em desenvolvimento. o servidor será 24 horas, esta  disponível para desktop e  mobile, e tera sistemas e mecanicas nunca antes vistas.
      Iremos lançar um beta dia 01/10/2022.
      Objetivo do servidor:
      O que possuímos até então:
      Sistema de casas:
      Sistema de pets:
    • By Aizuuu
      Ola!, Vou Dropar As Sprites Da Milim Porque Estao Vendendo Esta Sprite Que Ja Foi Dropada Ou Vazada!.


    • By Aizuuu
      Ola!, Vou Dropar As Sprites Do Inosuke Porque Estao Vendendo Esta Sprite Que Ja Foi Dropada Ou Vazada!.



    • By ShadownHood
      Tenho todas as sprites para extrair! 

      Só Que elas vem cortadas quando Extraidas!

      Alguém tem alguma Solução para as Sprites ao extrair sair juntas, Ou um Jeito fácil de junta-las?
      Estarei disponibilizando Todas elas Para download para a comunidade caso alguém tenha uma solução!
    • By januszpala
      Greetings @everyone, 

       Hellcores is a new and upcoming fast paced 12.64 server with moderately high experience and skill stages. 
      We have put our primary focus on making solo hunting fun and effective, building systems which allow a unique and exciting gameplay experience on every character you play, and building vast character customization systems.
      📢  Opening date - Saturday 30th October, 15:00 UTC
      🌐 https://hellcores.com/
      👥 Discord: https://discord.gg/tAx5hKntzp
      🖥️  Host: London 🇬🇧

      📜 What's New? 📜 
       🗺️ Real 12.64 map which has been immensely reworked.
      ✅ +190 teleports leading to refreshed respawns, bosses and mini-quests
      ✅ +80 new weapons and equipment
      ✅ +45 Amazing Dungeons
      ✅ +30 New monsters
      ✅ +20 New Events on weekly rotation 
      ✅ Treasure chests with exciting rewards
      ✅ Loads of sprites and objects never seen before

      ⚔️ Custom Systems :
      ✅ Rare items with additional and unique stats
      ✅ Skill stones to allow character stat customization
      ✅ Alchemy potions offer a temporary stats boost.
      ✅ Blacksmith buys and sells items for demonic essences.
      ✅ Auto-looting with 4 new custom pouches
      ✅ Level rewards
      ✅ Bounty hunting and Top fraggers

      🎮 Gameplay :
      ✅ Lowered the cooldown of all spells
      ✅ Increased attack speed depends on profession
      ✅ Doubled health & mana gain from potions
      ✅ Reworked behaviour of most annoiyng monsters
      ✅ Reduced the death penalty
      ✅ Mount any monster in-game
      ✅ Lowered points needed to buy charms
      ✅ Reworked stamina system
      ✅ Reworked conjured runes
      ✅ Reworked fishing
      ✅ All main quests have been unlocked
      ✅ Increased experience gain for parties
      ✅ Useful scripts - auto-exchange gold, auto-loot rare items etc..
      ..and many more!

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