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PVP-Enforced [France] [8.6] - Oraclum PvP-E | Edited RL map | opening 2/07/2022 - 20.00 CET |

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~Ip~: oraclum.net
~Port~: 7171

~Client~: Tibia 8.60
~Uptime~: 24/7
~Hosted in~: France, on a dedicated server with the ultimate Internet connection, i7 | 32 GB RAM | SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD
~Website~: Latestnews - Oraclum
~Exp rate~: Stages
~Server Info~: Server Info
~Forum~: Forum
~Map~: Edited RL + custom cities
~Runes~: Normal charges and prices // Infinite Runes: Only SD and MW.
~Loot rate~: 3x
~Server type~: PvP-E
~ PvP-Enforced: Killing only players more level than you.
~Skills & Magic rates~: 45x Skill and 35x Magic.

More Features:

~ Developing the ultimate set~
~all main rl quests working~
~Balanced vocations~
~Antibot enabled for players of level 500 or more~
~Possibility of joining the staff~
~All raids from RL~
~Addons system (rl tibia) and with addon doll~
~All RL 8.6 towns~

Custom Features:

~6+ events / games~
~Vip system | Vip Island | Vip Respawns~
~Epic vocations~
~Guild wars system~
~3 different kind of castles~
~Get a castle for free!~
~Ethno City -> based on real spawns!~
~Bounty Hunters system~
~Twitch Stream~

No Pay to Win:

  • 5 premium points at level 250
  • 10 premium points at level 300
  • 20 premium points at level 400
  • 50 premium points at level 500
  • You can get almost all the donate set by doing custom quests
  • You can get almost all the donate set by playing our games
  • 5 premium points at level 250
  • You can become vip playing events, including our newest event: Findind and killing Rudolf

- New feature Now you can loot donate and rare items from our new custom monsters located in vip spawns (level 300 required!!)


  • PZ lock time: 60 second(s)
  • White skull lenght: 6 minute(s)
  • Red skull lenght: 1 day(s)
  • Black skull lenght: 2 day(s)
  • Frags to red skull: Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
  • Frags to black skull: Daily: 24 | Weekly: 80 | Monthly: 220

What do you need to play:

- All our downloads


  • If you like to help our server to grow up we'll thank you a lot your donation. We've added a lot of custom stuff to the shopsystem. Everything is tested 100%. We accept paypal as a payment method.
  • We have implemented Vodafone Cash as a secondary donation method.


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      IP : Budexot.com
      Port : 7171
      Client : 8.60 / Custom Client
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      Free 3 Days Premium
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      42 VOCATION
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      (We added big system that will impact the gameplay drastically which is achievements, you can receive them by doing particular missions, and each achievement contains unique rewards like items, health, mana, exp boosts, ki-physical damage boosts and etc)

      14 QUESTS 

      (Auto events starts randomly with particular chance and time for doing events you recieve event points and event points can be trader for prices)

      (We added secret missions that arent mentioned anywhere is you gonna need to explore map to find them)


      (Item crafter will be able to craft you any item you want for particular price) 


      (Leveling will be more rewardible, because you'll be able to receive rewards once you reach particular level points)

      (Every 8 hours there will be chance that galaxy crystal will be spawned somewhere in the map, once you collect particular amount you'll be able to enter galaxy prison and choose ur enemy, and each enemy contains huge rewards)

      AND A LOT MORE...

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    • By BukiDoki96
      Dear Players,
      We are happy to announce that BudexOT is launching on Friday, November 26th, 19:00 PM (CET).
      Budexot is an Custom Evolution OT PvP-E 8.60, server created for a pleasant and smooth gameplay for our dedicated players, a fun OT which can bring you into old awesome memories, feel free to join us !
      IP : BudexOT.com
      Port : 7171
      Client : 8.60 / Custom Client
      Host : France
      Website : BudexOT (BudexOT (https://www.budexot.com/)
      Experience Stages :
      1 - 50 = 500x
      51 - 100 = 350x
      101 - 150 = 150x
      151 - 200 = 50x
      201 - 250 = 20x
      251 - 300 = 15x
      301 - 350 = 8x
      351 - 400 = 5x
      401 - 450 = 3x
      451 - Infinite = 1x
      Skills Rate = 15x
      Magic Rate = 10x
      Loot Rate = 3x
      Exp From Players = 2x
      ⭐Free Premium Points on Levels ⭐
      250 Level - 25 Premium Points
      300 Level - 50 Premium Points
      350 Level - 75 Premium Points
      400 Level - 100 Premium Points
      450 Level - 150 Premium Points
      500 Level - 300 Premium Points
      ⭐Bonus Experience ⭐
      Sharing experience will give additional experience depending on the party size and vocations.
      ⭐100+ Missions & Tasks ⭐
      BudexOT has to offer you a lot of Tasks & Missions which are worth doing.
      Tasks NPC, Daily Tasks NPC, Weekly Tasks NPC, Missions NPC.
      Reward for these Are most Premium Points, levels and Crystal Coins too !
      More about Tasks & Missions can be found on our website.
      ⭐Team Hunts & Custom Bosses⭐
      We Offer you more then 25 Custom bosses which are supposed to be killed in team hunts, Bosses drops random amount of crystal coins, donation items and premium points.
      You can't access Team Hunts if you don't have Team Hunt Access Medal which lasts for 10 days and its purchasable in-game for 100 crystal coins.
      ⭐Daily Quests ⭐
      We got 8 Daily Quests, These quests can be done once in a 24 hours.
      These Quests are awesome place even for exping, also Quests are Donation Items such as :
      Stamina Refiler, RS Remover, Outfit Changer, Premium Points Emblem and more..
      ⭐Rune Crafter NPC ⭐
      This NPC is located in Temple and he can craft Donate Runes for few Quest items.
      Example in BudexOT we got Mage Donate MR, Paladin Donate UH/MR, Knight Donate UH
      If you want to get Mage Donate MR you should bring Items : Demon Helmet, Magic Lonsword, Crystal coins, RS Remover and so on.
      Once you bring needed items, NPC will craft these items into Donate MR.
      ⭐Events ⭐
      We Offer 10+ Events which are 100% Automatic.
      Every Event gives you Premium Points and Crystal Coins as reward.
      List of events you can find here : BudexOT (BudexOT (https://www.budexot.com/events.php))
      ⭐Items Auctions ⭐
      On Our website there is live page which shows current Items being sellable/buyable by players.
      You can find that list and Instructions here : BudexOT (BudexOT (https://www.budexot.com/itemsauctions.php))
      ⭐Characters Auctions ⭐
      If you are willing to sell your character and receive some points in back you can do it.
      Before Putting character as sellable on list, You have to deposit x amount of Premium Points on it.
      These Points will be given-back on your account once its sold.
      As Deposit amount is higher, you can make price higher of your sellable character.
      ⭐Bounty Hunter ⭐
      You can hire everyone to kill certain guy in server !
      All you have to do is put x amount of gold coins on Target Player, once hes died, killer will receive your golds.
      ⭐PvP Tournaments - Real Cash Prize ⭐
      If you got Team of 2/3 Members, You can participate in PvP Tournaments which will be hosted on Weekends.
      Winners will take x Amount of $ as Reward for winning on PayPal.
      ⭐⭐⭐We had an Excellent Season last time where we scored over 180 Players Online and had Huge Wars & Awesome Adventure, join us with your team and have big Fun as we do !⭐⭐⭐
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