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[ATS] Open Alpha Test Alternative Custom Server - Ellon Online (Test Server)

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    • By Cat

      Download Tibia.otfi -> Arquivo necessário para ativar transparência no seu client.
      (coloque junto ao tibia.dat e tibia.spr)
      Para ativar a transparência nas versões 8.54 e 8.60 é necessário o uso de dll:
      Download Object Builder -> Programa usado para add sprites
      Download Item Editor -> Usado para cadastrar as propriedades de itens novos e abrir no map editor.
      Download Sprites
      - Sprites de piso d'água full ground + 1 estilo borda (recomendo usar todos como borda, tirar full ground)
      - Sprites borda água-barranco.
      - Sprites borda água-areia.
      - Sprites borda areia-barranco-água.
      - Sprites borda água solo.
      - Sprites cachoeira + quedas d'água versão leste/norte
      - Sprites água transparente versão córrego (12x)
      sprites transparentes.rar
      (Senha para abrir o arquivo: tibiaking)

    • By givera12
      Welcome to the Giveria OT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses!
      The best and most complete High Rate EU server at today's stage, and we will always enjoy the best updates and features every day!
      There will be a new wonderful peninsula for all players - a new island arriving in the lands of Giveria, with new houses available to all players, and new hunting grounds.
      Create Account now on:  GiveriaOT

      Exp Rate : 
      1 - 50 level: x100
      51 - 100 level: x50
      101 - 150 level: x20
      151 - 200 level: x10
      201 - 300 level: x7
      301 - 400 level: x5
      401 - 500 level: x4
      501 - 700 level: x3
      701+ level: x2

      Skills rate: 
      1 - 50 skill: x30
      51 - 80 skill: x25
      81 - 100 skill: x20
      101 - 120 skill: x15
      121+ skill: x10

      Magic rate: 
      1 - 50 mlvl: x15
      51 - 80 mlvl: x10
      81 - 100 mlvl: x7
      101+ mlvl: x5
      Loot rate: x3,5

      Type: RPG/PVPE
      Map: Custom Evo
      Protection Level: 100

      More information:
      Daily bosses, events, raids.
      Custom hunts, quests, bosses and items.
      Upgrade and enchant systems.
      What awaits us and why is it worth staying with us?
      - The latest Winter 2020 update
      - Soul War Quest 400+
      - The newest outfits, Mounts available for Giveria Coins!
      - Inbuing system working as on Rl Tibia for gold tokens!
      - Custom system to exchange Giveria Coins for Tibia Coins or other useful things!
      - Boss raids in special rooms + raids on hunting grounds (eg Izcandar Champion of Summer respawns periodically on summer elves exp)!
      - Special Task system for monsters from hunting grounds
      - New, better proffesion balance !

      We hope you enjoy your time with us.
      Create account now and enjoy!
      Winter Update 2020
      (Rascoohan Outfits, Raccoon backpack, Exotic Cave Spider cave, PiRat Mines)       Summer Update 2020
      (Claustrophobic Inferno, Rotten Wasteland, Mirrored Nightmare, Soul War Quest)     Winter Update 2019
      (Barren Drift, Zarganash, Brain Grounds, Netherworld)     Summer Update 2019
      (Issavi-new city, Kilmaresh-new island, Cobra Bastion, Kilmaresh Quest-new mount)       Some pictures from GivariaOT







    • By YagoNR
      Estou começando um projeto ATS e gostaria de saber qual a melhor distro 8.60, de preferencia com sources, thanks xD!
    • By trint
      Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite
      Hoje trago para vocês a base do Ndbo Hunter a qual comprei do Diego Rosa a um tempo e o mesmo esta tentando vender agora. Então irei solta-la aqui no Tibiaking.
      Algumas informacoes sobre o servidor:
        [+]Mapa Proprio
        [+]Sala Ritual
        [+]Sistemas de Autoloot
        [+]Sistema de Mineração
        [+]Sistema de Pc Bang
        [+]Sistema de Task
        [+]Evento de Party Zone
        [+]Sistema de Bank System
        [+] Vocations Farm (Elizabeth,Sasuke,Itachi,Rimuru,Barba Branca)

      Servidor, Site, Database e Client
      Scans(Obs: Os scans estao em ordem respectiva.):

      Scan 1
      Scan 2

      Caso queira entrar em contato me chame no discord: trint =?#0001

      Creditos: Eu, Diego Rosa e demais pessoas.

    • By Coke
      *Website: Natala
      *IP: Natala-Vapus.net
      *Client: 8.60
      *Port: 7171

      * Something you can be sure to find in Natala:
      ~Voc Balance
      ~Spells Balance
      ~Zombie Event
      ~Firestorm Event
      ~Survival Event
      ~LMS Event
      ~CTF Event
      ~Chair Event
      ~Defend King Event
      ~Custom Bosses
      ~Custom guild wars
      ~Weekly Guild Wars
      ~Custom Monster & Quests
      ~Dicer Npc
      ~Items Seller GN
      ~Vip system
      ~Royalty City & Desert City

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