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PVP [Poland][8.54/Custom] Legends of Shinobi (losots.pl) 08/11/2019 Time: 18:00 (GMT +1:00)

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[Obrazek: logo.png]

Hello, today we would like to introduce you to Legends of Shinobi. It is a server referring to the adventures taking place in the world of the popular Naruto series. All our scripts and graphics are designed to show the atmosphere of this world.

Official start: 08.11.19 Time: 18:00 (GMT +1:00)
[Obrazek: Website.png]
Website: http://losots.pl
[Obrazek: register.png]
Register: Legends of Shinobi - Registration Agreement (http://losots.pl/member.php?action=register)
[Obrazek: facebook2.png]
Facebook: Legends of Shinobi (https://www.facebook.com/losotspl/)

Server specification:

Exp rate -> x1
Skill rate -> x2
Loot rate -> x1
Chakra lvl -> x2
Spawns rate -> x5

On our server we have 25 playable and balanced characters, one of which is available from a demanding quest! Each character has 9 unique transformations and 8+ Jutsu!
Three main storylines that reflect the adventures of Shinobi in the popular Naruto manga, and many side stories such as Obito Gaiden (Reflection quest), Katon Gaiden, and Fuuton Gaiden.

Normal Saga:
124 missions

Shippuuden Saga:

112 missions

War Saga:

82 missions


Wanted System -a system that allows the arrest warrant to be released for a given amount of cash.

[Obrazek: 5d969c5f1a15d98b1bb91dd0f7f1bc18.png]

Auction System - selling and buying items without unnecessary spamming in the game.

[Obrazek: f6467c5096.png]

Crafting System -this whole system has been rebuilt, crafting is now much more demanding
and you can create the best items in the game!

[Obrazek: 17434ca902.png]

Pet System - each player after obtaining 150lvl and having a Premium Account can get their own
pet (one of four) absolutely free!

[Obrazek: a05454d22b08fcf536f4ae1728ee88c5.png]

Combo system - Each profession, using the right order and timing, can activate its
own Combo, thanks to which we get various bonuses such as:

[Obrazek: JDHyTsF.png]

Skin System: For each character you can buy unique looks that are assigned to our character forever.

[Obrazek: 73bba61d1f.png]

Cast System - each player can turn on the cast and other players after logging into the game without entering either acc or password can watch such player.

War System - War system for the guild to fight without losing frags, you can also set what dmg you want
inflict to opponent 50% / 100% / 150%.

Enchanting System -improving items with special scrolls.

Boss system - if we kill the right number of specific mobs, a special opponent will appear on the respawn from which we will be able to get:
► much more exp
► rarity items (rare/legendary)
► $$$

Special Jutsu - each character has their unique abilities

Element Jutsu - after completing the appropriate saga, we have the opportunity to draw your element, which has a unique jutsu


[Obrazek: Respawn%20map.png]


[Obrazek: katon_island.png]


[Obrazek: suiton_island.png]


[Obrazek: fuuton_island.png]


[Obrazek: 5PPvZRO.png]

The unique Legends of Shinobi website. We decided to focus on comfort and modernity, that's why we integrated the game account panel and forum.

[Obrazek: nUAQELI.png]

How to create an account?


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