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  1. #1 Update We have: » Decreased SD rune exhaust. » Buffed great mana potion. » Decreased the amount of dmg monsters do. » Fixed few map bugs. » Added !spells command. » Added exp boosts to sms shop. We are introducing new boss system in which you will be able to kill 5 new bosses that are respawning every 20 min. They drop casino tokens, crystal coins and exp boosts. They also give good amount of EXP. In order to unlock access to the next boss, you need to kill the previous one. Update will
  2. Estamos convidando você a jogar no servidor: Azura.sytes.net Começar: 25.03.2017 (saturday) -> 19:00 CET Informações do Servidor: IP: azura.sytes.net Client: 8.60 Tipo de servidor: EVO/PVP-Enfo O site: azura.sytes.net Uptime: 24/7 Mata por rs: 25 diariamente, 50 Semanal, 150 Por mês Mata por bs: 50 diariamente, 100 Semanal, 300 Por mês Exp rate: 1-50: 400x 50-150: 250x 150-200: 200x 200-350: 100x 350-500: 60x 500-750: 25x 750-1000: 10x 1000-1500:
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