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Found 11 results

  1. Exori.Rocks is an OT Server of the old school (version 7.7) and the client has --custom sprites--...Some features are:• Very high experience rate (x1000), this is a fun-war server.• You will have a lifetime premium account, you will never pay for VIP stuff.• You will never loss any point of experience, skills or magic level at dead (only items, so rememeber use AOL).• We have the original Cipsoft virgin files, the original and cool stuff (without some encrypted or compiled things).• Our custom client has --bot integrated-- and is completely legal to use.• You will never get banned for excess k
  2. alsania.eu The first 100 accounts will receive a surprise in their equipment At 18:30, every logged-in player will receive 200 premium points. At 19:00, every logged-in player will receive 100 premium points. Free promotional codes on the fanpage We also offer premium points for help in advertising. Map: An extensive and refined Evo map. You will find several cities and PVP Arenas with us. We also have a large number of hunting grounds and quests to offer. balance Perfect character balance Lots of monsters and quests Task System On our server you
  3. ~Ip~: Sehura.eu ~Website~: Latestnews - Sehura.eu (http://sehura.eu/?subtopic=latestnews) START: 09/05/2019 17:00 GMT+2 ~Port~: 7171 ~Client~: Tibia 8.60 ~Uptime~: 24/7 ~Hosted in~: Sweden, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection. ~Exp rate~: stages 5500x - 7x ~Map~: Custom, Many Teleports, Enigma + 1 New City ~Runes~: Endless ~Loot rate~: 10x ~Skills & Magic rates~: 30x Skill and 15x Magic Level ~Server type~PvP. Red Skull (15 frags) Black Skul
  5. Site: http://www.olympa-world.com ♦ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ♦ Ip: www.olympa-world.com Version: 10.99 ♦ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ♦ Rates: •Exp: 800x (stages) •Skills: 90x •MagicLevel: 40x •Loot: 7x •Red Skull: 15 Frags •Black Skull: 20 Frags Events: •Battlefield •Last Standing Man •Capture the Flag •Zombie Event •Roll the Dice •Tower Defense •War of Emperium (Coming soon) Other information: •Map custom-rl •Host Dedicated 24/7 •Teleport Quests •Teleports Hunts •Client 10.99 •Ammo and Runes Infinites •Invasions of bosses every day aut
  6. Web: http://www.olympa-world.com/ Ip: www.olympa-world.com •Version: 10.98 - 10.99 •Exp: 900x (stages) •Skills: 90x •MagicLevel: 40x •Loot: 6x •Red Skull: 15 Frags •Black Skull: 20 Frags Caracteristicas: •Runas Infinitas •Municion Infinita •Items Donate •Critical System •Dodge System •VIP System •Magic Items •Daily Reward •Auto Loot System •Umbral Creation •Reward System •Oramond Full incluyendo Seacrest Ground y Glooth Factory •Otherworld Heart Of Destruction Quest COMPLETA! •Equip Hotkey •Most Powerfull Guilds •Top Frags •War System
  7. Ip: Tibiaw.org Client version: 10.97 - 10.98 - 10.99 - 11.00 Exp Stages: High Time Online: 24 - 7 Hosted OVH Canada DDoS Protection Country: Mexico Automatic Events New Zones and monsters New Quests and bosses!
  8. Bom galera, fiquei um bom tempo editando esse OT e espero que gostem Aqui vão alguns prints do OT : Acc do GOD : tibia55 / jiboia Templo: Trainers: Quests: Obs: se vcs quiserem tem outro lugar que tinha começado a fazer para as quests na seguinte posição: X=263 Y= 292 Z= 9 Teleports: City Vista De Cima: Minimap : CREDITOS Fercho e Agrrox - Mapa base GabrielSv Eu- pelos edits Se quiserem ver como o mapa era antes ta aqui o link: http://www.tibiaking.com/forum/topic/22361-zinx-ot-high-exp-v10/ Download : http://w
  9. Fala galera do TK! Cansados dos mesmos mapas de sempre? Cansados de uparem e depois o ot resetar ou ficar offline? Cansados daquele lag chato, que faz vocês morrerem sempre? Cansados de procurar um servidor sério, com uma equipe experiente e ativa? Posso resolver tudo isso com um único link: http://www.osbrot.com.br Nosso server conta com inúmeras atrações, entre elas: ~> Client Próprio ( Há como logar também pelo Ip Changer - sv.osbrot.com ); ~> Mapa próprio, com portais; ~> Servidor 24h, com dedicado exclusivo; ~> High Exp ( Rate Exp 5000x ~ Com Stages! ); ~> Di
  10. Come join the Twizz RL Server with over 150 quests Over 20 mounts High EXP Balanced Vocations Friendly Staff IP: twizzrlmap.zapto.org JOIN NOW BEFORE A LOT PEOPLE JOIN AND BECOME ONE OF THE HIGH LEVELS 2x exp for this week so join now before this event end, also 50% donation items!!!!
  11. Beleza galera,vou postar o monster chamado Blu Ray.Outfit de uma gosma preta. Vá em data/monsters/bosses e crie um arquivo chamado bluray.xml e coloque: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <monster name="Blu Ray" nameDescription="a Blu Ray" race="blood" experience="999999999" speed="9050"> <health now="37594450" max="37594450"/> <look type="315" head="114" body="114" legs="114" feet="114" addons="3" corpse="6080"/> <targetchange interval="5000" chance="8"/> <strategy attack="100" defense="0"/> <flags> <flag attackabl
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