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Found 6 results

  1. underewar.com.br MISCELLANEOUS ADJUSTMENTS & CORRECTIONS We've had thousands of map fixes, monsters, bosses and systems, we'll list below. Correction in imbuements. Fix soulfull legs atributes. Fix ondecay bug. All Grave Danger mini bosses have been deployed with 100% levers. Boss King Zelos installation. Fix sensitive loot. Fix death lost percent. A new system that does not allow to move body within body. A new system that does not allow you to place decayed items inside the depot. Fix decay on reward chest. Loot correction of Grave Danger bosses. Fixed that issue that most bo
  2. [21.08, Friday 18:00 CET] Shinobirevolution.eu Hello, some time has passed since the previous edition of the server I would like to present the next edition which will take place on 28 February 2020 EVO + RPG or Rpg Map + teleports on expa changes on the server which have been changed / improved [+] The Market system has been improved with the number of items displayed + time of item issue from 24h to 168h [+] Improved the status balance system, everyone develops his ninja as he wants [+] Fixed known map errors [+] Reduction of items with protection -
  3. alsania.eu The first 100 accounts will receive a surprise in their equipment At 18:30, every logged-in player will receive 200 premium points. At 19:00, every logged-in player will receive 100 premium points. Free promotional codes on the fanpage We also offer premium points for help in advertising. Map: An extensive and refined Evo map. You will find several cities and PVP Arenas with us. We also have a large number of hunting grounds and quests to offer. balance Perfect character balance Lots of monsters and quests Task System On our server you
  4. Http://Hajsorniaot.eu/New Ots Start! Ots client 10.99!Anticipated Server start on 10/02/2019! at 17:30!+Full Map!+Full quest! +stable engine! +max players! unlimited +Reliable hosting! +New mount! +new addon! ~Do not wait long! register an account now!~ ~~Welcome!~~
  5. NoobWar new, refreshed edition starts on 28.08.2015 at 18:00 You can not miss it! WebSite: http://noobwar.zapto.org/ Exp: x6 Skill: x30 Magic: x8 Until the start'll try to embrace server-the TS 512 slots to make the game easier groups and individuals without a team. On launch day for each waiting for a premium points that will be handed out after the server is started. In addition to the points await the gifts in the form itemków. Guilds also get points so now start gathering your friends to party with us. What we offer: Balanced profession Refine the map adap
  6. 1. General information.​ Already 14 April at 18:00 you will be able playing this first edition of one of the best servers evo last the times. With us you will not only hunt or perform tedious tasks. At every step, extensive quests and systems will diversify your gameplay. Web/IP: hellfun.servegame.com Port: 7171 Tibia: 8.60 Mapa: Custom Evo Information about the server: Link EXP: ​ 1-50 x 150 51-80 x 100 81-120 x 75 121-150 x 60 151-180 x 40 181-220 x 25 221-350 x 15 351-500 x 8 501-800 x 5 801-1200 x 3 1201 x 2 2. Events & Systems! Our advantage is certainly num
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