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Found 4 results

  1. Bem-vindo. Depois de uma longa discussão, chegamos à conclusão de que vamos começar com "testes beta longos" com uma taxa de exp alta, de modo que o jogo não era aborrecido e que você também se divertiu com isso. No servidor, também introduzimos um sistema de teletransporte para simplificar a jogabilidade. O início está previsto para sábado, 6 de janeiro de 2018. às 17:00 No servidor ASO, sagas de massa, missões, missões, transformações, feitiços e muitas outras coisas estão esperando por você. Não se deixe perseguir no topce e mostrar que você é alguém, mas não caia na rotina, porque
  2. We recreate simplicity, drawn out of a much bigger picture and we love to include the Tibian community in the journey. We all work together out to provide you with a professional Open Tibia Server. Kind Regards, BLSoft. Team Main Website : http://fencore.net Starts : 09.10.2016 Lylar - Founder, Customer Support, Engine Developer Avika - Web Developer Aaron - Content Developer Our Plans What do we really want is players creating their own private server. We want them to give us ideas of what they wish to see, what kind of game they dream ab
  3. Let’s start! What is mort important for You, rest players, Us and server? That why we created server and provied especially for You! · Superior feeling · Security, no resets, uptime SLA 99,99% · RL Tibia feeling · Recognition · Weekly updates and improvements · RPG, PVP and PowerGaming exhibition ability · Dynamic RPG, PVP, PG, Guild Wars statistics · Intense experience · Events, raids, lotteries · No OverPower Shop · Experienced and helpful OTS makers team · Great society and guilds Thats why, BeamOTS ensure that You will be observed and appreaciated.
  4. Big start new Ziberia Rl Map OT www.Ziberia.pl Exp stages: - 1-50:100x - 50-100:50x - 100-130:40x - 130-150:35x - 150-170:30x - 170-200:25x - 200-300:20x - 300-400:10x - 400-600:5x - 600+ 2x Rate: Skills: 40x Magic level: 30x Loot: 3.0x IP: Ziberia.pl PvP level: 80 Skull System: Red Skull (48h): 15 unjustified kills per a day, 80 per week, 280 per month White skull length: 5 min Map - Real Map + Oken, Pyre, Newest. - Yalahar, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordon, Thais, Venore, Darashia, Ankramun, Goroma, Edron, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Svargrond, Cormaya, Tiquanda, Razacha
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