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  1. Estou tendo esse problema ao tentar abrir ele mapa: Unsupported client version! (8) Alguém consegue me ajudar ??
  2. Hi bro, open a commit in https://github.com/otxserver-new/master/ and so i can check and work together for release! Thanks!
  3. @malucooo Crash, report here: https://github.com/malucooo/Otxserver-Testing/issues/19 plese help me. Thanks!
  4. @malucooo Look: https://github.com/malucooo/Otxserver-Testing/issues/19
  5. @malucooo and all on this topic! Nos últimos dias, quando eu recebo 100 + jogadores on-line, O servidor falhar e aparecer: Segmentation fault (core dumped) Eu uso o último commit e datapack. Alguém sabe como corrigi-lo, qualquer idéia de que coisa pode causar isso? __________________________________________________ In last days when i get 100 + players online, the server crash and appear: Segmentation fault (core dumped) I use the last commit and datapack. Somebody know how fix it, any idea what thing can cause this?
  6. You have the pack of images for shared? Thanks!
  7. Search in google... https://www.google.com.mx/search?q=libpng+warning%3A+tRNS+chunk+not+allowed+with+alpha+channel&oq=libpng+warning%3A+tRNS+chunk+not+allowed+with+alpha+channel&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  8. Shut up guy, always you uploaded datapacks with bugs and crash, or you forget when months ago alot servers used you code, and so Brasilian players only login to crash OTS, remember when you put pick on rat for SHUTDOWN server? and anothers bugs for crash. You never help to fix bugs in you own datapack... So only not be a envious and selfish, only Malucoo brings to the community without receiving anything in return, and not wanting to spoil OTS. If the Datapack was stolen or not, the fault is of the server administrator, he is stupid for leave it unprotected and trust someone. @malucoo and others right here, are among the few that is doing something good for the community. Do not forget to be humane and help each other.
  9. Hi, where you upload this Update? I not see on Github... Good weekend bro!

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