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  1. Hello.I have problem with bestiary system.I copied all files form other engine. These are:C:\Users\Kuba\Desktop\OTS2\data\modules\scripts\bestiary\bestiary.lua https://justpaste.it/9ix67 <-- File is too big to post here C:\Users\Kuba\Desktop\OTS2\data\modules\scripts\bestiary\assets.lua: https://justpaste.it/8pg6t Ofc in modules.xml : Code: <!-- Bestiary --> <module type="recvbyte" byte="225" script="bestiary/bestiary.lua" /> <module type="recvbyte" byte="226" script="bestiary/bestiary.lua" /> <module type="recvbyte" byte="227" script="bestiary/bestiary.lua" /> <module type="recvbyte" byte="228" script="bestiary/bestiary.lua" /> I also added two tables to my database: https://imgur.com/PACMdlO https://imgur.com/QZIRDJU And next:C:\Users\Kuba\Desktop\OTS2\data\creaturescripts\scripts\others\bestiaryadd.lua: function onKill(cid, target) if (not isMonster(target)) then return false end if getCreatureName(target) == "Chicken" and getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 15001) < 2 then setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 15001, 2) doCreatureSay(cid, "You have added the creature 'Chicken' to your bestiary.", TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1) end return true end and ofc creaturescripts.xml: <!-- Bestiary --> <event type="kill" name="BestiaryOnKill" script="others/bestiaryadd.lua"/> Before I added these of all, I did have empty popup windows Charms and Bestiary in Client, after add this I have these windows the same as Real Tibia but when I kill X monster I didnt have yellow frame on Bestiary Button and dont have unlocked monster also.Can somebody help me with that?Regards

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