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  1. deleted 🤣 My bad i though this was the public show off threat. I deleted my screenshots. Good mapping btw🤣 
  2. Hello Tibiaking this is Nokturno im a old school mapper from 2008 +- months back i started a project with some other members but the development went down weeks ago. i was about to post my entire map to public but i took the option to rebuild this project with some new members of this community. what is Last Era about? its custom project with custom map, unique features, systems, sprites and implementations. the name came from exactly what it means. this is my last project cuz im turning really old so i want leave with something good for the community. unique map mostly mapped by me and some gathered pieces. stat system (indrop,reroll and enchance) talent tree like mmos rare mobs with custom abilities balanced professions 6-8 vocations in mind at the moment recruit and adventurer (like d3 system) caravan system boss mechanics 1-6 member dungeons raid/guild raids and more Most of this thins are not implemented thats why im looking for ppl that are interested in help, this is a non paid proyect take that in mind the only purpose is to make a really good server for the players out there. What we need? we need programmers, quality mappers, lua/scripts designers and anything that can help. at the moment it is just me left on this so ill need so much of your help to finish this. ty Last Era awaits *EXP STAGES, TELEPORT, ALL OF THAT WiLL BE DECIDED AS A TEAM.*
  3. i dont have time to finish this. comment if you like it for more pieces. 1 2 By Nokturno scan https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/8181d00868e9c238d2045fb047c12de02058f905034862bc52e1a09bf8b8a233/detection emeraldpalace-by nokturno.otbm
  4. how about your team members, wut do u got in the team? i am mapping for another project but it seems dead lul
  5. ty mate its not a building its a raid road. thanks! jajaja que pedo we de donde te conosco no recuerdo ese nombre, de hacho apenas volvi a mapear. sacaremos un projectito yo unos weyes por si te interesa hecharle un vistazo despues! i dont really like this one , it need some work. but the idea is good.
  6. ill be updating this pots with new screens hope u like it
  7. Hello, im starting a new project and im looking for good people to start with. Scripters: if you can speak English or spanish and Br its gonna be better! Link some post of your work Mappers: link some of your work in the comments Server description: *Story driven. *quest givers per zone *10.x prot Rates: x5x3x2 stages map: new map 50% progress -intro starting zone 100% scripts/events: *rifts *random type invasions *party raids *tibia quests *imported tibia zones by event ( rifts ) * legendary items *set geat + set bonus * disenchant system Leave a comment
  8. Nokturno's Mapping feel free to use my new zone i just made today. a little fancy but it can work in many ways love ya 1: 2: cords: 1000,1000, 1 floating zone nokturno.otbm
  9. Learning Br with @Nazo, es muy parecido al español.

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