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Alternative Tibia

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Section Informations

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Fundamental Posting Rules:


  1. Do not create topics gibberish.
  2. Double post and flood are not allowed.
  3. It is completely forbidden to place links to competing sites!
  4. It is strictly forbidden to publish files infected with malware, viruses, spyware, keyloggers and / or malicious files!
  5. Any download, you must carry the Scan with him, for the prevention and confidence to the user for download.
  6. The source must be posted if the project is open source. (GNU)
  7. All topics posted, will have to be according to this forum.
  8. No offense between users is allowed.
  9. It is not allowed to publish sexually explicit images, that is, women/men naked explicitly.
  10. The General Rules prevail here too: http://tibiaking.com/forum/topic/1281-regras-gerais/?p=7680


The rules are willing will any change without notice.

The punishment is worth depends on the situation, ranging from verbal warning, warning, suspension and even banishment.


Topics in this section are subject to approval!

Your topic content will be analyzed within 48 hours by a member of our team, stay tuned.


Know more (PT-BR):

Open Tibia Server

Quer aprender a criar seu próprio servidor de Tibia? Então está no lugar certo, aqui você encontrará milhares de tutorias, scripts, códigos, mapas e utilitários para que você possa fazer o seu próprio servidor de Tibia partindo do zero.

Redes Sociais

Anuncie no Tibia King

Precisa de mais visibilidade em seus projetos? Quer publicidade para o seu servidor? Anuncie no Tibia King e faça sua divulgação, possuímos centenas de acessos simultâneos e milhares diários, com certeza será a sua solução! A publicação do seu anuncio é instantânea!

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