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  1. Eu não sei o que está acontecendo e o motor não mudaria porque eu sou bem naprscoealem e beta é: /
  2. @@ Refresh Beta starts the day tomorrow at 19:00 and the customer will be served 5 minutes earlier. info: The server will be open to 50 people only.
  3. What will you find on the server? Choosing the starting city, 1 Start Series, Many quests, New Addons, Travel System, Cloned Island, Cloned Pokemon, Training of Pokemon takes Max to 150Lvl. What do you get from us to start? We give Outfit Christmas for the Christmas start, which will be available only on holidays. (Of course, it will be generally available to users who will perform a box quest.) Some information from us. So let's move on to the details. The server is created for players not for money. I've been on some Poke OTS and have noticed that the majority is made for money. It's a month, a half and a rain ... But it will not go with us! What we invest in is sweat, tears and mass of nerves, and what players will pay to the server goes only to its fees / new scripts / sprits, etc. We count on players to have fun and to spend time together on events and PvP. So we invite you cordially. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pare SS: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: What are we going to do in the next update or next time. - New Pokemon Center Pokemon Shop, -Dojdzie 2 Series Pokemon + Shiny, -Rebalans, -Atak, Balls, Quests, Cottages, -region Johto (Map) With Pokémon, -Love, Snow, Shiny, Cloned Box, - Introduce the Pokemon's Market system and item to OT client, -TM and abilities of Pokemon, -EGG counting in time, -Addon Pokemon system, -Changing the appearance of the spell bar and pokedex, -Adding the airport and ship, - Adding the ACC Maker to the start. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BETA You think: "When is Start ?!" -Start will take place after beta testing. Do you want to take part in beta testing? go to our Forum Register and write in this topic Klik and tell us why you must be the person we entrust to the fate of Pokemon World. The topic should use the wording Are you wondering why beta? We will be honest with you. We can not do everything at once. Therefore, we create beta tests to detect errors on the map in the scripts and correct them. We count on fruitful cooperation. How long will the Beta Test take place? 5 weeks Beta Test. If anyone is eager for beta testing, please visit the forum for more information: Klik ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INFORMATION We have a surprise for you .. But you will find out about it only at the end of the beta. If you have any idea what we can stand out and support our Pokemon server We count on your help, we will consider every issue. Please post the proposal in this topic: Klik Regards Pokemon World Team. Black Frost Viper Raw Piotrekk

Open Tibia Server

Quer aprender a criar seu próprio servidor de Tibia? Então está no lugar certo, aqui você encontrará milhares de tutorias, scripts, códigos, mapas e utilitários para que você possa fazer o seu próprio servidor de Tibia partindo do zero.

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Precisa de mais visibilidade em seus projetos? Quer publicidade para o seu servidor? Anuncie no Tibia King e faça sua divulgação, possuímos centenas de acessos simultâneos e milhares diários, com certeza será a sua solução! A publicação do seu anuncio é instantânea!

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