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  1. I remember playing this so many years ago and I've seen it pop up every now and then with so many updates. I can't believe how much has been added since the last time I played and how much content there is. The fact that you've still been working on it all these years is super impressive. I'm just jealous of the people that can speak Portuguese and can understand the server and all the hidden jokes because I cannot. When I played I had to use a translator for everything since I do not know Portuguese, but I love custom RPG servers and this project is so amazing. I just wish I was able to play it longer. If there was option to have the server in English I would be extremely happy, but I know it would be way to much work and probably not worth the effort, so I understand. Great job for making such an amazing project, one of the best out there I feel. Would love if there was a similar project but in my native language instead hehe. Can I ask how long you plan to continue with the server? I check the players online and some months its 3-10 people and at once it was like 40-50, but now it seemed to drop low again. Sad to see low players on such a good server. Do you think there will ever be a reset in the future? Do you have any plans for the server in the future?
  2. Will it ever be translated to English?
  3. Will it be in English? Is it custom map? Does it have custom monsters and quests?
  4. Glad to see the server has not been given up on. Is it actually playable now? Every other time I tried the beta there were always huge parts missing like spells. Been looking forward to play this with the server ready for FULL testing.
  5. It looks interesting.. but sadly it's not in English so I can't really play it.
  6. Considering I'm a huge fan of custom content, I find it a bit disappointing to see there won't be much custom in terms of spells, items and monsters. I respect your choice though, and I will surely give it a shot when I can find some time to play. Good luck with the server and congratulations on having the dedication to work on it for the past 2 years.
  7. I'm not sure if you understand English, but This looks AMAZING. Is there custom monsters, spells, and items? I'm looking forward to trying out this awesome RPG server. It looks like there has been a lot of work put into it. It's sad because there is another server coming out soon and I don't know which one to play, such a hard choice.
  8. The custom vocations look cool. I really like how they each have a passive! I would play it, but I don't like real map. Good luck though.
  9. It looks amazing!!! I really want to play it. Keep up the good work.
  10. Not sure if you understand English, but from what you've told us I think the server sounds amazing. Really custom and lot's of cool features. Hopefully you'll end up finishing the project and release it :D I want to play it so bad!
  11. Do you speak English?

  12. I'm not sure if you understand English but I hope you do. I found this amazing server of yours and I REALLY want to play it. It looks AMAZING!!!!!! The website does not want to load for me.. and it won't let me login... it says the server is offline, but on otservlist it shows there are players online? Is the server actually up? If it is why can't I connect? I will use translator into Portuguese. Eu não tenho certeza se você entender Inglês, mas eu espero que você faz. Eu encontrei este incrível servidor de vocês e eu realmente quero jogar. Parece incrível!!!!!! O site não deseja carregar para mim .. e isso não vai me deixar entrar ... ele diz que o servidor está offline, mas na otservlist mostra há jogadores online? É o servidor realmente acima? Se é por isso que não consigo me conectar? Vou usar tradutor para o Português.

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