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  1. You can compile it like OTX/Você pode compilá-lo como OTX: https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver/wiki/Compilling-on-Windows Compiled Versions are available here/Versões compiladas estão disponíveis aqui: https://github.com/Fablow77/otx3.8rebirth/releases
  2. The system was made by Stellow. Credits to owners are in the Github link. Everything was just compiled by me. Updates and fixes are on Github. __________(google translate)_____________ O sistema foi feito por Stellow. Os créditos para os proprietários estão no link do Github. Tudo foi compilado por mim. Atualizações e correções estão no Github.
  3. C++ Edits: Beds can be used by non-premium players Rebirth System Loot Channel (works with partys) LUA: Task Channel Autoloot System Achievements The Oracle (rebirth NPC) Daily Task Grizzly Adams Links: Github: https://github.com/Fablow77/otx3.8rebirth Znote Top 30 Rebirth Page and Widget: https://github.com/Fablow77/znote-acc-rebirth Based on: https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver/releases/tag/otxv3_8
  4. Hi, I posted my thread in the Download section and I followed the rules. Why was it deleted without no message or anything? Is one of the problems that's in English? Because I can translate if you like. _____________________________ Oi, Publiquei meu tópico na seção Download e segui as regras. Por que foi excluído sem nenhuma mensagem ou nada? É um dos problemas que está em inglês? Porque eu posso traduzir se você quiser.
  5. SilverStone RL MAP RPGIP: silverstone.zapto.orgPort: 7171Client: 10.99Rates:1 - 50 level, 100x51 - 80 level, 75x81 - 100 level, 50x101 - 200 level, 25x201 - 300 level, 10x301 - 350 level, 5x351 - 399 level, 3x400+ level, 2xSkill: 40xMagic: 20xLoot: 2xWHAT DO WE OFFER?ALL QUESTS FROM REAL TIBIANOT PAY TO WINALMOST 100% BUGLESSFREE PREMIUMNO LAG PLAYREGULAR UPDATESSERVER EVENTS:Zombie Event Capture The Flag Battlefield Last Man Standing War Anti-Entrosa GLOBAL SYSTEMS:BOUNTY HUNTERSGUILD WARCAST SYSTEMLOTS MORE COMING....
  6. WorldWar 7.6 IP: worldwar.hopto.orgPORT: 7171LOGIN: 1/1 , 2/2 , 3/3 , 4/4 , 5/5 , 6/6 , 7/7WorldWar 7.6 - Servidor DedicadoRegras: NÃO BOTS NÃO MC
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