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  1. Only FEW hours left! We waiting for you SERVER IS ONLINE!
  2. Added special outfit menu will be updated with more outfits ( http://db-universe.com/?outfits ) Updated few more characters (C17, C18, DENDE)
  3. WEBSITE: http://db-universe.com/?news Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/DMK6TVr Hello, I'm pleased to announce that new season will start in 6Days with new systems and improvements. What's new? Saga system [Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT] (Its free to do, except GT. Big exp/item rewards) http://db-universe.com/?missions Nerfed some spells FREE REBORN FREE TRAVEL New Outfits (Completely finished from 1-400 Transform and we continue adding new transforms every day. http://db-universe.com/?spells ) New well balance enchant system ( http://db-universe.com/?enchant ) Outfit window and outfit scrolls for custom outfits A lot of quest/missions/ani ( http://db-universe.com/?quests ) completely free to do Korin Quest Ice Annihilator Goku Annihilator Grand Quest Lost Saiyan Quest Fusion Annihilator God Quest Xicor Annihilator Aura Power Quest Ultra Quest Crafting system ( http://db-universe.com/?craft ) Huge map update New systems,outfits and overall updates are coming in this 6 day range so please keep tracking our webiste and dont forget to create your character
  4. Server will be ONLINE today! Everyone is welcome to play Create your account now! http://db-universe.com/?createaccount
  5. Thanks appreciate your support. Indeed thats how this server born i was playing dbko for 6-7 years so me and my team created this server with all experience we had and with knowledge what people want
  6. Hi thats a good question. So we made this server from a blank tfs its no a wodbo edition or something like that everything was made from zero. We did it within 3years. No responsible team is from 'Lithuania' next to Poland.
  7. I dont know what you are saying but something about bot. Well you CAN use elf bot im not mind at all.
  8. CLIENT: 860 Webiste: http://db-universe.com And more...
  9. wtf is dbabsalon? Im just a nigga with a rocket launcher
  10. These sprites has 4 animations this one i show has 7 animations
  11. Client Version: 10.95 Map: Custom Premium: Free Website: http://carcooizx.zapto.org Everyone is welcome to try it out
  12. Does anyone have sprite like this but only BLUE?

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Quer aprender a criar seu próprio servidor de Tibia? Então está no lugar certo, aqui você encontrará milhares de tutorias, scripts, códigos, mapas e utilitários para que você possa fazer o seu próprio servidor de Tibia partindo do zero.

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