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  1. Launch date: 30/09/22 18:00 UTC Latest News - Grindcores (https://grindcores.net/) is a new 12.6+ custom server with a keen focus on character upgrading and grinding. There are over +40 unique items which either upgrade your character temporarily, or permanently forever. # Character and Item Upgrading: Build and develop your character the way you want to play! Almost every character, equipment, weapon, etc.. stats can be upgraded with our extensive upgrading systems. Become a respected legend by being an undefeatable kn
  2. Greetings @everyone, After many requests, we have finally decided to open a new world hosted in North America! The new world will start fresh and anew, which means everyone will have to register a new account, and download the client. The official start is scheduled to commence this Saturday, 15th January, more information about time zones can be found on the website https://us.hellcores.com/ Hellcores Team
  3. Hello everyone! Here is the changelog for today's server update.. We will continue to push more updates in the days to come - Added new *Legendary* equipment and weapons to Dunkirr Added new spawns to the main teleport hub, and a Dark Thais & Yalahar respawn in the Inquisition tower Henricus now exchanges 10,000 demonic essences for 100 concentrated bottles of essences Increased the damage of shiver, envenomed, burst, flaming and flash arrows Buffed the damage of 'exevo mas san' and 'exori gran con' spells Fixed a few visual bugs on the map
  4. Greetings @everyone, Hellcores is a new and upcoming fast paced 12.64 server with moderately high experience and skill stages. We have put our primary focus on making solo hunting fun and effective, building systems which allow a unique and exciting gameplay experience on every character you play, and building vast character customization systems. Opening date - Saturday 30th October, 15:00 UTC https://hellcores.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/tAx5hKntzp Host: London What's New? Real 12.64 map which has been immensely reworked.
  5. Morra com memórias não com sonhos! WinterOT é um MMORPG híbrido baseado no Tibia 12.5+ Client. Jogue gratuitamente em https://www.winterot.com O servidor está em constante desenvolvimento diário, estamos em fase oficial de teste agora e o servidor iniciará oficialmente em 03/04/2021 14:00 CEST! Junte-se a nós e construa um servidor de comunidade forte conosco! Informações do servidor rápido: Estágio de nível semi-alto com estágio final x3 do nível 1000, habilidade alta, missões desbloqueadas, campos de caça apresentam mais monstros, possibilidade de trabalhar em seu campe
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