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  1. Start today! Let's go to register! Remember - If you want Free Tibia Coins, create guil;d with 10+ players. If everyone will have 200+ lvl, you all get free tc
  2. Ip: GIVERIA.COM Client: 12.64 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Germany Website: Giveria.com Map: Custom Evolution Welcome on GiveriaOT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses! The best and most complete High Rate EU server at today's stage, and we will always enjoy the best updates and features every day! There will be a new wonderful peninsula for all players - a new island arriving in the lands of Giveria, with new houses available to all players, and new hunting grounds. Exp
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