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  1. http://www.lua-global.com/ Welcome to a unique server with an edited real map for protocol 12.0! We have added many improvements and novelties that will make the game fun for hours! DOWNLOAD OUR CUSTOMER IS NECESSARY TO GAME !! In short: we have created a unique server with you in mind! The proprietary battle-eye ensures that the game is fair and automatically deletes the accounts of cheaters once a week! Active support is our domain, you will always find help! http://www.lua-global.com/
  2. change for: function onKill(player, target) if Game.getStorageValue(MONSTER_HUNT.storages.monster) == nil then return true end if not player or not target then return true end if player:getStorageValue(MONSTER_HUNT.storages.player) == -1 then player:setStorageValue(MONSTER_HUNT.storages.player, 0) end if target:isMonster() ~= nil then return true end if target:isMonster() and target:getName():lower() == (MONSTER_HUNT.list[Game.getStorageValue(MONSTER_HUNT.storages.monster)]):lower() then player:setStorageValue(MONSTER_HUNT.storages.player, player:getStorageVa
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