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  1. An apology but due to a personal situation we could not open the server this day, the opening date has changed to tomorrow Sunday 14/04 at 15:00 PM GMT-5 CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT! ALMOST 500 ACCOUNTS REGISTERED
  4. Server will start at 13 April at 15:00 GMT-5 (Countdown on website) Welcome to our new brand server! Marlboro Wars it's a server well-known on North and Latin America, so feel free to create your account. About the server: A good war server type "High Level" - out of the ordinary, a place where you can get some fun with your friends or playing against your enemies! Gameplay has been designed to be competitive - Server is hosted on New York with 1gb network port. Gameplay: Since we don't want to spoil you anything, only the essential, thais is our main city, aswell we counts with skull system, war system, (frags/deaths/assists) system, (anti) anti-push system, new outfits with attributes, detailed statistics, alots of events etc etc. General Information: Characters start at level 300. Magic Rate is x35 and Skill Rate x50 (which make it very competitive for players) Login Details: IP : marlboro-war.servegame.com Port: 7171 Version: 8.6 You either can use the default 8.6 client or download our custom client here. Vocations: Sorcerer: Unlike the druids, this vocation makes more damage than druids, besides that his buff spell grants more mana and damage. Druid: Unlike the sorcs, this vocation receive more heal percent with healing spells, aswell his buff spell grants more health and defense. Paladin: A good vocation which makes good damage to one target but at low level and/or skills they are kinda weak. Knight: A balanced vocation that makes significantly damage and tank good also but his attack spells required a % of mana. Free Premium Points At the first week you can get a total of 5000 premium points by killing other people On 100 frags you get 250 premium points On 250 frags you get 400 premium points On 400 frags you get 550 premium points On 550 frags you get 700 premium points On 700 frags you get 850 premium points On 850 frags you get 1000 premium points On 1000 frags you get 1200 premium points About donations: Besides the items and/or stats we have on our NA server, donation items are more balanced here and not too many, of course that donors will make significantly more damage and better protection but eventually you can get donation items participating on events or exchanging "Hearts" which you can collect on dead bodys and trade them for premium points with the NPC Dementor - All premium points are backed up on our database.
  5. NEW START SATURDAY 29/09 4PM GMT-5 Welcome to MarlboroWars server! Here are a video from our server: Connection Info Web: mbwar.net Server: sv.mbwar.net Port: 7171 Version : 8.60 Uptime: 24/7 Server Info This a high level war, you start at level 300 and if you play hard you can even reach level 3000+ We have skull system and few fun events like Run Event, Push Event and Zombie Event. Assists System (you can get a special outfit on a specific amount of assists) You can get/buy addons by killing people (lost souls) There is not limit level (if you are level 1000 and you kill a level 300 you will get experience anyway) Also we have our ExpByPvp in stages. Our donations items are a bit expensive since we don't want a server full of this items. Skllls Exp. Players: custom Skills: x50, ML: x35 Skills are very important on our server so don't forget to train HOST: DALLAS, TEXAS Facebook: Marlboro Wars | Facebook
  6. MbWar, a war server as never seen before. Register your account at: http://marlboro-war.net

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