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Found 3 results

  1. Global 11/12x [v32] - New Falcons - New Asuras - Warzone 4,5,6 - Exercise Training - Raids 100% - Monstros 100% - Trainer Offline 100% - Trainer Online 100% - Taming system funcionando 100%; - Database completa - War System 100% - Global MAP Full - Store 100% - Imbuement - Prey System - Entre outros sistemas. Projeto no: GITHUB Scan Vírus Total IMAGES Créditos:
  2. Online since: 16/02/2017 Site: http://amigao.servegame.com:8080 IP: amigao.servegame.com Port: 7171 Version: 10.99 Global Map Save server diário as 06:00 Exp: Stages Up level reward: http://amigao.servegame.com:8080/index.php?subtopic=recompensa Critical boost system I.A dos monstros melhorada. Principais quests (revisadas): * Anihi * Demon oak * Warzone * Pits of inferno * Inquisition * Demon Helmet * Banshee Quest * Hota Novas áreas: * Krailos * Otherworld * Heart of destruction NPC System (bank balance) Bosses com reward system Cast system Loja revisada no próprio jogo: * Apenas itens básicos (não deixar apelativo) * Compra de addons (exceto os mais elaborados que devem ser adquiridos jogando) * Compra de montarias (exceto as mais elaboradas que devem ser adquiridos jogando) * Outros serviços
  3. START ON 21/03 19:00 ~~ Introduction & About ~~ Antera is a real map server with four years of activity, with the exception of the beta. The goal of Antera and function as an alternative Tibia server for those players who are looking for a more casual game regardless of playing time. The rates of Antera were well adjusted so that players have an experience in level superior to any other server, with challenging elements to achieve new levels and complete difficult quests that were kept. We hope to be able to create a new Open Tibia server that will be able to compete with the most popular servers and for a long time. ~~ General Basic Information, Features & Highlights ~~ Experience Stages [#] From: 1 - 29 = 40x [#] From: 30 - 49 = 35x [#] From: 50 - 69 = 25x [#] From: 70 - 99 = 15x [#] From: 100 - 124 = 10x [#] From: 125 - 149 = 6x [#] From: 150 - 179 = 5x [#] From: 180 - 269 = 3x [#] From: 270+ = 2x Others Rates Magic Level: 8x Loot: 3x Skill: 8x Spawn: 1x IP - antera-global.com Client - 10.90 Port - 7171 Location - Canada Uptime - 24/7 (With an exception for the server save and updates) New areas 10.82/10.90 New items 10.90 New monsters/npcs/mounts 10.90 Umbral Creation Reward System Bosses Prison Roshamuul Oramond full included seacrest ground e glooth factory Cast System Casino Area Raids Battlefield Event Experience Shared Krailos New Arena Tibia.com Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest Equip HOTKEY And much more... Team active, Support Loot based on TibiaWiki Statistics System, Cast System Questlogs 95% of quests Frequent events made by staff SHOP exclusive benefits, Shop Offer Balanced vocations We are eager to know the players who will play on Antera - if you would like to contact us outside the server, you can do so through the Forum or Facebook. Welcome to Antera! Team antera-global.com

Open Tibia Server

Quer aprender a criar seu próprio servidor de Tibia? Então está no lugar certo, aqui você encontrará milhares de tutorias, scripts, códigos, mapas e utilitários para que você possa fazer o seu próprio servidor de Tibia começando do zero.

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