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  1. A 5ª edição do servidor Road to Shinigami será lançada em 30 de outubro de 2020. A edição anterior durou 16 meses com milhares de jogadores e centenas de mudanças e correções. Nosso servidor é caracterizado por uma jogabilidade interessante criada por sistemas únicos e mecânicas refinadas. Partindo do extenso conteúdo de PvE que consiste em exps, team hunts, bosses e quests até o PvP balanceado onde todos se divertirão em cada nível, pois foi criado pelos melhores jogadores. Os sistemas mais importantes em nosso servidor são: Sistema de arma:
  2. Update to version 4.2 New Client: https://rtsonline.pl/downloads.php Changelog: - Added new place Silbern - Added new monsters: Soldat, Jagdarmee, Sternritter, Elite Sternritter - Added new tasks: Soldat, Jagdarmee, Sternritter - Added new boss: [S+] Yhwach - Added royal golden bars to disenchanting (500 SE/each) - Added black matter to disenchanting (1000 SE/each) - Added Kuroi 450 level items to disenchanting (35k SE) - Added Kuroi Weapons Upgrade to NPC Reborn Aizen (25 Kami Balls) - Added Wrathful Weapons Upgrade to NPC Harribel Prisoner (100 Kami Balls, 5
  3. Christmas Event already on ! http://rtsonline.pl/ Changelog: - Added Soul Level System - Added Talent System - Added Christmas Event (10.12 - 27.12) - Added Double Exp & Skill Event (10.12 - 22.12) - Added Quincy and Fullbringer respawn in Soul Society (150 level) - Fixed player corpse decay times
  4. Update 4.1 Play now on https://rtsonline.pl/ Changelog: - Added creature products to NPC Urahara - Added new Kuroi transform 750 level - Added new place Soul Society Palace (for 650+ levels with kami transform) - New monster Royal Shinigami Guard - New elite monster Elite Royal Guard - New task Royal Guards - New Boss Yamamoto (you can open him by legendary kuroi keys) - New items upgrade Kuroi Void / Crystal set - Fixed exp from tasks - Fixed task stamina point costs - Fixed void shield - Fixed loot from boss Aizen (n
  5. Changelog: - Frags limit decreased from 21 to 16 frags - Skulls, pz now dont disappear near monsters - PZ time for kill decreased from 8 minutes to 5 minutes - Hunting time decreased from 20 seconds to 15 second - Added NPC Gin Ichimaru - with crafting and Void Dungeon - Added Void Dungeon - Added new equipement - Added Rukia Tasks in Mugetsu Island - Added NPC Reiatsu Hollow with target spell quest Geki - Added frag remover to NPC Ukitake for 100cc - Added ichigo memory to boss Zangetsu - Added low level frags (5 per day). You got low level frag when level
  6. We are waiting for a new SSL certificate. So please use temporarily: http://rtsonline.pl/
  7. STARTS DATE 26.07.2019 | 18.00 CEST | 13.00 GMT-5 Welcome I would like to present Road to Shinigami - a server based on anime Bleach. I have been working on it since October 2015 and the server has evolved considerably since then. The last edition lasted 6 months and over 3000 unique players passed through it. On your server you can find 2 types of characters: Fighters and Reiatsu Casters. We have unique 16 characters with own spells and graphics. Each character has his own unique weapon that improves with our character. Whenever we kill monsters or pour a soul in
  8. New character Yoruichi, weekend event x2 EXP, SKILL, Premium Points and +3 PACC days for all account http://rtsonline.pl
  9. Client avaliable http://rtsonline.pl/downloads.php
  10. New client will be avaliable few hours before start.
  11. Você já pode criar personagens ! http://rtsonline.pl/register.php
  12. Proxy system for Brazilian players added ! Our server is located in Sao Paulo. You can switch your proxy on your account in website. (The system will work from 04.12.18)
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