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  1. Server Website https://revolutionot.com Server Address revolutionot.com Server Port 7171 Client Protocol 10.98 Discord Server Revolution Discord Revolution OT aims to be the revolution of what we today call Evo servers without relying on custom clients. F2PP = Free 2 Play Points, Earn Store credit by just playing the server and doing stuff on it! Fair play (No pay2win) Everything can be earned by just playing. Read more on website about Fair play and its features. Features: 9+ Dungeons (Instanced), Dungeon Gear(Over 80 Custom Equipments), 150+ Spawns, 50+ Quests, 40+ Custom Spells, 90% Custom Map(Some Public), Custom Monster AI, Second Promotion, Pet System, Stat System, Reset System, Points System, Upgrading system(Over 1 million possible outcomes), Mining & Crafting, Quick Travel(Waypoints), Boss Raids, Task System, Achivements, Vip Island (Only for Casino, Houses & Vip Trainers), Get Points by playing, Firestorm Event, Zombie Event, Survivalist Event, Snowball Event, Hunger Games, Monster Arena, Item Rain, Autoloot, Reward Chest, Random Lottery with Store Items, Token Exchanger, Addon bonuses, Pets has been fixed again (Thank you @Xagul)! More info about pets can be found here (Pets information) You can now reset your character and save 10% of your maximum Health&Mana per Reset. Available at lvl [500]. Max resets are set to 10 atm. Knights has gotten its spell rework. And all spells has gotten a rebalance. Mining veins has been added to each and every spawn. (Dora sells the tool) Added a few more custom spawns replacing the current ones. Changed around some exp/hp ratio on some monsters. Random gem's has had its look changed as to allow stacking. !Frags command has been changed to work differently. Wands temporarily broke after a "fix" but has now been fixed. Working on: Bomberman Event is being worked on. Tower Defense Event is being worked on. Adding a way of resetting your !points spent. Add more achievements. Reworking some equipment to better suit the Higher level dungeons & Bosses. Mages & Knights are to get a kind of "quiver" (Like the ones paladins put in arrowslot with their ammo inside) which grants different bonuses. Working on Set bonuses (currently a few are available from the dungeons). Resetting your character will grant 5% extra damage per Reset. Add a Crafting system using Game Tokens /w more. A few more higher level quests (300-450+) Teasers: Example of Mid Tier Equipment. 07:23 You see a legendary manamully's strawhat. +9 (Arm:23, distance fighting +3, protection death +3%). It can only be wielded properly by archers of level 150 or higher. It weighs 22.00 oz. [arm.+65%][ml.+10%][dist.+10%][manadrain.+8%] Manamully's Extent [4/4] [Manamully's Strawhat, Manamully's Garb Of Extent, Diamond Eternity Ring, Sprinters Of Manamully] Distance Fighting +1 Max HP +4% Max MP +4%
  2. Como posso fazer as tarefas se repete?

Open Tibia Server

Quer aprender a criar seu próprio servidor de Tibia? Então está no lugar certo, aqui você encontrará milhares de tutorias, scripts, códigos, mapas e utilitários para que você possa fazer o seu próprio servidor de Tibia partindo do zero.

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