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  1. Please! I need a script to add points to an Account Number... I don't need to place a Character Name... I'd like to use only the account name no add points. Sincerely...
  2. Anyone can compile it for windows? I tried 4 ways to compile, but nothing happens... A thousand errors... Please if someone compiled it for Windows share with me
  3. I implemented this VIP System: But i received this message sometimes players logged in: My login.lua in data/creaturescripts/other: local events = { 'ElementalSpheresOverlords', 'BigfootBurdenVersperoth', 'Razzagorn', 'Shatterer', 'Zamulosh', 'The Hunger', 'The Rage', 'Eradicator', 'Eradicator1', 'Rupture', 'World Devourer', 'Tarbaz', 'Shulgrax', 'Ragiaz', 'Plagirath', 'Mazoran', 'Destabilized', 'BigfootBurdenWiggler', 'SvargrondArenaKill', 'NewFrontierShardOfCorruption', 'NewFrontierTirecz', 'ServiceOfYalaharDiseasedTrio', 'ServiceOfYalaharAzerus', 'ServiceOfYalaharQuaraLeaders', 'InquisitionBosses', 'InquisitionUngreez', 'KillingInTheNameOfKills', 'KillingInTheNameOfKillss', 'KillingInTheNameOfKillsss', 'MastersVoiceServants', 'SecretServiceBlackKnight', 'ThievesGuildNomad', 'WotELizardMagistratus', 'WotELizardNoble', 'WotEKeeper', 'WotEBosses', 'WotEZalamon', 'WarzoneThree', 'PlayerDeath', 'AdvanceSave', 'bossesWarzone', 'AdvanceRookgaard', 'PythiusTheRotten', 'DropLoot', 'Yielothax', 'BossParticipation', 'Energized Raging Mage', 'Raging Mage', 'modalMD1', 'VibrantEgg', 'DeathCounter', 'KillCounter', 'bless1', 'lowerRoshamuul' } local function onMovementRemoveProtection(cid, oldPosition, time) local player = Player(cid) player:loadVipData() player:updateVipTime() if not player then return true end local playerPosition = player:getPosition() if (playerPosition.x ~= oldPosition.x or playerPosition.y ~= oldPosition.y or playerPosition.z ~= oldPosition.z) or player:getTarget() then player:setStorageValue(Storage.combatProtectionStorage, 0) return true end addEvent(onMovementRemoveProtection, 1000, cid, oldPosition, time - 1) end function onLogin(player) local loginStr = 'Welcome to ' .. configManager.getString(configKeys.SERVER_NAME) .. '!' if player:getLastLoginSaved() <= 0 then loginStr = loginStr .. ' Please choose your outfit.' player:sendOutfitWindow() player:sendTutorial(1) else if loginStr ~= "" then player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_DEFAULT, loginStr) end loginStr = string.format('Your last visit was on %s.', os.date('%a %b %d %X %Y', player:getLastLoginSaved())) end player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_DEFAULT, loginStr) local playerId = player:getId() -- Stamina nextUseStaminaTime[playerId] = 1 -- STAMINA DEVIDO A QUEDAS START --local stamina_full = 42 * 60 -- config. 42 = horas -- if player:getStamina() >= stamina_full then -- player:sendCancelMessage("Your stamina is already full.") -- elseif player:getPremiumDays() < 1 then -- player:sendCancelMessage("You must have a premium account.") -- else -- player:setStamina(stamina_full) -- player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "Your stamina has been refilled.") -- end -- STAMINA DEVIDO A QUEDAS END -- Promotion --[[ local vocation = player:getVocation() local promotion = vocation:getPromotion() if player:isPremium() then local value = player:getStorageValue(Storage.Promotion) if not promotion and value ~= 1 then player:setStorageValue(Storage.Promotion, 1) elseif value == 1 then player:setVocation(promotion) end elseif not promotion then player:setVocation(vocation:getDemotion()) end--]] -- ABRIR CHANNELS if(not isInArray({1,2,3,5,6,7,8}, player:getVocation():getId()) or player:getLevel() < 6) then -- player:openChannel(7) -- help channel player:openChannel(3) -- world chat player:openChannel(6) -- advertsing rook main else -- player:openChannel(7) -- help channel player:openChannel(3) -- world chat player:openChannel(5) -- advertsing main end -- -- Rewards local rewards = #player:getRewardList() if(rewards > 0) then player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, string.format("You have %d %s in your reward chest.", rewards, rewards > 1 and "rewards" or "reward")) end -- Update player id local stats = player:inBossFight() if stats then stats.playerId = player:getId() end -- fury gates if Game.getStorageValue(GlobalStorage.FuryGates, (9710)) == 1 then -- for venore player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, 'Fury Gate is on Venore Today.') elseif Game.getStorageValue(GlobalStorage.FuryGates, (9711)) == 2 then -- for ab... player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, 'Fury Gate is on Abdendriel Today.') elseif Game.getStorageValue(GlobalStorage.FuryGates, (9712)) == 3 then -- for ab... player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, 'Fury Gate is on Thais Today.') elseif Game.getStorageValue(GlobalStorage.FuryGates, (9713)) == 4 then -- for ab... player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, 'Fury Gate is on Carlin Today.') elseif Game.getStorageValue(GlobalStorage.FuryGates, (9714)) == 5 then -- for ab... player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, 'Fury Gate is on Edron Today.') elseif Game.getStorageValue(GlobalStorage.FuryGates, (9716)) == 6 then -- for ab... player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, 'Fury Gate is on Kazordoon Today.') end player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_ORANGE, 'Volturix Global by Biagio Daponte - 24/7!') player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_ORANGE, '[BONUS EXP] Command for check !exp.') player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_ORANGE, '[GUILD LEADER COMMAND] Will change all outfits from members !outfit.') -- Events for i = 1, #events do player:registerEvent(events[i]) end if player:getStorageValue(Storage.combatProtectionStorage) <= os.time() then player:setStorageValue(Storage.combatProtectionStorage, os.time() + 10) onMovementRemoveProtection(playerId, player:getPosition(), 10) end return true end Please help with this script, i use Global OTX 1.2 by malucooo

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