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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, im realeasing my server again, i abandoned this project some time ago and i dont want it to get old without be used. so i will give it to you with some other changes that i do. Sorry if i cant support you, dont speak much Portuguese. I will add some notes PLEASE READ THEM Custom level system *REMOVED* Custom Stat System*REMOVED* ZOOM System on client (Ctrl+1 & Ctrl+2) *NEW* Reworked UI on client *NEW* Custom Autoloot system 100% *NEW* Custom Pokemon change bar (Need to add images to client only first 250 pokes with picture) *NEW*
  2. Hello, i come here to share my own version of the opensource dxp3 with too many new features Custom level system Custom Stat System Smeargle System Kecleon System Mega Stone system Outland zone lvl +150 Nightmare Zone (open pvp zone, no revives) lvl +300 Held System (elemental added) Tokens Machine !invite fixed on the source (need to activate on talkactions) Here are some Prints Share Exp with other pokes of your same team Mega stones looted by normal pokes with custom loot system
  3. Venha já para nosso servidor! Website Facebook Sistemas novos: Tv System Shiny Ditto e Ditto Ditto Memory Cath com exp. Bike System Shop Único [ Diamond shop ] Mega Evolution Y e X < Contem todos os Megas da 1 e 2 geração Mapa Unico Npc Daily Box 1 ao 7 Helds Funcionando 100% Client Adaptado Outland Saffari Unica Varias PokeBalls Icone System Novos Shinys Dungeons Varias Shiny Box. Varias Box Boosted Held Box - 1 ao 7 Varias Ilhas Systema de Npc Que te leva as ilhas. Cus
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