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  1. that error is the text editor, try using notepad c++
  2. con el mismo que editas un DXP nomas cambia el items.otbm por el del servidor
  3. np, the same exp that is giving to you in there is the exp that it will give to ur poke but wihtout multiplier, you need to find the way
  4. para modificar la experiencia y los exp rates tienes que ir al archivo que esta ubicado en data\creaturescripts\scripts\player\pokeDeath.lua en las lineas 252-341, ahi tienes todo lo que necesitas solo ocupas comprender el script de experiencia the client sources are the same on the post of dxp original i didnt modify anything there http://www.tibiaking.com/forum/forums/topic/72035-dxp-exclusivo-poketibia-opensourceclientesitedb/
  5. pokemon status on lib the "level" value mezclado entre los mismos scripts y librerias en el servidor need to be shiny super ball or super ball one of those if you change the ball that the sh ditto come then u cant use that, that is client sided to change the memory menu, if you buy it from the diamond shop it comes in the right ball ..... sorry for being inactive i was on surgery and recovery
  6. you need to use an old xampp en este momento no, traigo mucha flojera xD
  7. son varias cosas no te recomiendo que intentes agregar el mio
  8. Excelente, de nada por la base y si se puede saber, que cambio estas haciendo? usa meu sql database no puedes look, the drop of mega stone it works different at the moment of the loot, in dxp the drop chance of poke items you need to put a number between 1 and 100 because 100 is the max chance, but in the mega stone my script of loot make the chance max number to 10,000, so just put a number between 1- 10,000, if you add a new mega stone to the loot it wont work with my script so be careful it will be easier to drop
  9. dont use the icon system you are trying to use a poke without lvl, maybe you are using your own database and has your old pokemons that dont have lvl, you need to create new one ball
  10. go to lib in the file 106-main functions.lua search for the line 985 or just search the function function SetExpNeed(level, pb, xpperlevel) if level < 20 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*xpperlevel) elseif level >= 20 and level < 40 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*2.5)) elseif level >= 40 and level < 60 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*7)) elseif level >= 60 and level < 80 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*30)) elseif level >= 80 and level < 85 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*170)) elseif level >= 85 and level < 90 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*200)) elseif level >= 90 and level < 95 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*240)) elseif level >= 95 and level < 100 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", (level+1)*(xpperlevel*290)) elseif level >= 100 then doItemSetAttribute(pb, "expneed", 999999999) end end and modify the multiplier in front of the variable "xpperlevel"
  11. just use another site from the dxp it will works maybe your antivirus delete it
  12. Object builder just use it with the page, it is very light to dont use so much ram or internet from the host
  13. try using my database, i dont know if you need to convert it to s3db and activate the account manager on the config.lua
  14. i need to modify some sources things and im too lazy, you dont need it with the wild pokes if you use lvl sys on wild pokes it is harder to balance the wild pokes

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