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  1. O objetivo desta publicação é registrar e informar as atualizações no mapa oficial OTSERVBR (VERSÃO NULLED). Ajude reportando bugs de mapa neste tópico, agradecemos! Peso do mapa do projeto no Github (versão antiga) - 158.962 Peso do Mapa com as atualizações novas do post abaixo: - 154.357 Mapas Novos adicionados! (d.241220) - Zarganash 33623 31399 10 - Zarganash: Bosses room 33621 31433 10 - Taberna do Thaian 33232 31700 7 - Barren Drift 33877 31886 8 - Barren rift: Sala do boss 33877 31886 8 (d.27122
  2. http://olimpo-global.ovh (Servidor nuevo y full actualizado) El verdadero global 12.4! (SIN BOT) Golden Outfit Addon con bonus Recursos de Mapa liberados Secret Library Mota Extension New Asuras Falcon Bastion Cobra bastion Warzones 4, 5, 6 Cults of Tibia First Dragon Darashia Elite Dungeon Cursed Spreads (Full Grimvale) New Deathlings Recompensa Diaria Bestiary Charm Quick Loot Prey system 100% Imbuiments system 100%
  3. IP: dalnera.com Port: 7171 Version: 7.7 Client: 7.7 Experience Stages: Level 1 to Level 8 = 40x Level 9 to Level 21 = 20x Level 21 to Level 50 = 15x Level 161 to Level * = 2x Skill Rates: Skills: 1.8x Magic: 1.4x Loot: 1.5x Some Featured images! Inquisition Quest Demon Oak Ferumbras Banuta
  4. - Protocolo 12 e sistema de auto-loot! - Golden Outfit Global Full 99.9% com: - Secret Library - Mota Extension - New Asuras - Falcon Bastion - Warzones 4, 5, 6 - Cults of Tibia - First Dragon - Darashia Elite Dungeon - New Asuras - Cursed Spreads (Full Grimvale) - New Deathlings Entre e divirta-se! Site: http://kenobra.com/
  5. ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ • Elcera.org • ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ • Características • - Balanced Vocations - Exercise Weapons - Golden & Custom Outfits - Game World Challenges - PvP with Skull System - Always listen to our community - Loot message [optional] - Task System - Amulet of loss cost 50k and can be bought by Eremo - 10k Promotion - Guild Wars - Party Share Experience (15% bonus experience) - No Protection Zones on Boats, Runes from NPC (1x charged) - All 7.4 features! - Blessing System - PoI Dragon Lords an
  6. ⚔️ Bem vindo ao OldenTibia (MAPA GLOBAL FULL) Site: OldenTibia.com Porta: 7171 Versão: 10 / 11.90 Cliente: Próprio ---------------- XP: 10x l Skill: 10 l Magic: 8 l ---------------- * Contamos como uma equipe dedicada que atende todos os jogadores dentro do server, tirando duvidas sobre o jogo e sempre ajudando no possível. * Contamos com o mapa mais completo de todos os servidores atualmente. - Não temos Itens Vip - Não temos Área VIP - Não temos Summons Aberto em 01/06/2019
  7. NEW REAL MAP TIBIA SERVER 8.0IP: http://venebra.sytes.net/Client: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VgfPG2tgDx6qoho5ITkcNBEt53<br />k78UXuVersion: 8.0 &amp;amp; custom contet like monsters and addonsExp Rate Stage: Starts 50xMap: Real MapLoot Rate: 3xSkill Rate: 30xMagic Rate: 12xServer Features-Shared Party Experience with the new bonus system, depending on different vocations in the party.-Unique Task System with the ability to choose between kill or collect modes, difficultly of the task, also how long the task should be and the reward between exp, gold or training.-War System to
  8. Time has come to revive those amazing oldschool times! Register your account now at WeAreTibia.com and receive 3 days of golden account! Server start: saturday 14th of april 18:00 CET Website : WeAreTibia.com About server *Hosted in France *DDoS protection Server Features *7.4+7.72 Real map *New monsters + bossess *Dungeons *Custom spawns *Most of existing spawns are boosted + lowered spawn rate *Second promotion system *Custom enchanting system *Over 50 tasks Server Rates *Loot rate 3x *Skill rate 12x *Magic rate 6x Experienc
  9. → Venho anunciar o primeiro o Servidor Global Hard Retro Alternativo da Lab Z Games. → Servidor que envolveu, e envolve, trabalho incansável em scripts, criando e aperfeiçoando sistemas, inovadores com intuito de dar continuidade ao RPG que a CipSoft, infelizmente, perdeu no decorrer dos anos. Intenção do Servidor: → A real intenção deste servidor é recuperar o RPG do Tibia Global que fora perdido gradativamente desde a sua versão 7.6, onde os itens tinham valores altos, onde a negociação de itens era algo de suma importância, onde havia um ciclo de social
  10. RealOTS 7.7 is starting next saturday 12:00 DST, 18:00 CET Register your account at: www.the-realots.com and receive 365 days of premium! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Rates This is supposed to be a long-term server, hence the low-rates. • Experience will be three times faster than original tibia (3x) • Skills will be faster than original tibia (3x) • Magic double up compared to original tibia (2x) • Loot rate will be (1,5x) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ PVP PvP will be open, the rules are the same as CipSofts. If you attack another player
  11. Welcome to: A project focused on bringing you the best RPG experience based on real Tibia and retro feeling! Download Zanarkand Oficial Client from MEGA (.rar) Connection info:: Ip: zanarkand.gamerlive.cl Port: 7171 Website: http://zanarkand.gamerlive.cl Client: Tibia 8.60 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Chile. Paid hosting on Gamerlive.cl 1 Núcleo @ 4.2GHz 4GB RAM 50GB Almacenamiento RAID10 Windows Server 2008 R2 This is our server characteristics: Stages:
  12. IP: MORTEM.IGZHOST.COM Características: - Custom Sprites, hunts, monstros. - Mapa Global 7.x - Voltado para PVP/RPG. - Host Canadense, Anti-Bot, Cliente Diferenciado, Cast System, War System, Etc, POI, Port Hope, Etc. - Exp/Vocações em equilíbrio. - Ping em média de 150 para jogadores do Brasil. - Servidor contando com uma super estrutura, Anti-DDoS, deixando o jogo sem LAG. - Equipe correta, buscando sempre trazer novidades. - Updates semanais e melhorias. - Formula da versão 7.x - Demon Oak (precisa matar 666 demons) -
  13. Welcome! Lumina Global é o mais NOVO servidor GLOBAL!! É um prazer convida-los para nosso servidor..! Infos Ip: lumina-global.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.97 - 11.0 Hosted in: Canada, Quebec em um servidor dedicado. Website: http://lumina-global.net Exp rate: Stage 300x - 2x Loot rate: 5x Skills: 30x Magic: 25x World Nos temos um dos mapas mais completos da atualidade, contendo: Otherworld, Asura Palace, Medusa Tower, Roshamuul, Krailos, , NEW Ferumbras Ascendant Quest, Oramond e muito mais! Events Battlefield, Capture the flag, Zombie Attack, Lastman Standing, Npc Event Rai
  14. IP: zeluna.ddns.netVersion: 10.95# Rlmap with cast 10.95# Ferumbras Ascendant Quest# Inquisition Quest# Pits of inferno# Many events* Rates * # Started: 350x# Skill Rate: 40x# Magic Rate: 10x# Kills to RedSkull: 6# Kills to BlackSkull: 8Venha se divertir no Zeluna Server!
  15. Mind Freak OT Será resetado e aberto oficialmente no dia 04/06/2016. Nosso servidor conta com os sistemas : -> Task system; -> War system; -> War of Emperium dando 20% a mais de experiencia aos vencedores. -> Recompensa para cada vocação ao atingirem determinados leveis -> Recompensa de 3 dias VIP a todas as contas criadas até dia 04/06/2016 às 16:00. -> Shop guild system. -> Bounty Hunter system ... confiram em http://mindfreakot.com/index.php?subtopic=bounty-hunters -> Lottery system; -> Cast System; TS Mind Freak : ts.mindfreakot
  16. Website: Project-rl.com Ip: Project-rl.com Port: 7171 Client: 10.98 10.98 Low rate Real map with a final stage of 2x experience. The server is hosted on a dedicated host. 24/7 uptime skill x45 magic x30
  17. Anticus RPG is a long-term oldschool project which started in the year of 2008. The development team currently consists of three oldschool players. Our goal is to give the oldschool community of Tibia a chance to re-experience what many of us call "the golden days". But, ofcourse, we also want to give the newschool community a chance to experience how challanging and fun Tibia could be in the past. The motto of Anticus: "Combating the botting problem by giving everyone a bot was just plain lazy, and it was probably the first major mistake in the history of the game."Launch Date
  18. TheOTX is a highrate Tibia 7.72 OT server. TheOTX is completely stock Tibia 7.72 state with some customs modifications. All NPCs, quests, cities and even books exist like back on Tibia 7.72. There are custom additions to TheOTX, you can buy runes in shop (bps x1 hmm, sd, uh, explo, lmm, gfb, mwall) (bp mf), Tasks and Shared Experience. Annihilator Quest, Killing in the name of... Tasks, Pits of inferno quest, Demon helmet quest, All Existing Quest's From 7.72 More!. » 24 Hours Online » Great PvP experience » Balanced vocations » Real guild war system » Raid system and B
  19. What is TheOTX? TheOTX is a medium-lowrate Tibia 7.7 OT server. TheOTX is completely stock Tibia 7.7 state with some customs modifications. All NPCs, quests, cities and even books exist like back on Tibia 7.7. There are custom additions to TheOTX, you can buy runes in shop (bps x1 hmm, sd, uh, explo, lmm, gfb, mwall) (bp mf), Tasks and Shared Experience. Technical Information Task System - Gain experience, gold or experience by doing killing tasks. You can start a task at Grizzly Adams NPC. Promotion - Promotion is regular price, 20k. Runes - Can be bought in shop, conjured runes are
  20. Confira o mais novo servidor global, Salt recém aberto, servidor dedicado sem administradores online atrapalhando, equipe dedicada crie já sua conta no site oficial saltmmo.servegame.com Experiencia: 30x Skills: 20x Magic: 7x Loot: 3x Free Premium Account IP: Saltmmo.servegame.com OBS: é preciso criar conta no site
  21. Existe como import map 8.6 no RME 10.x ? Sim, Não, Como assim?
  22. iOTServe Global ESTÁ NO AR! http://iot.servegame.com/ iOTServer Global Cast FULL 10.82 Perfect Payment VIP System WebSite Create Account Forum Galery Vip Mount Shop Double Exp Stage 300x -> 10x Trainer on/off task/market system TOP HIGH FIVE GUILD WAR http://iot.servegame.com/?subtopic=createaccount ROSHAMUUL ORAMOND FULL iOTServer Tibia Open PVP Todas as novidades você só encontra aqui! DIANTE DOS SEUS OLHOS! TA ESPERANDO O QUE? iOT.servegame.com | 7171 | 10.82 SINCE 2012 ONLINE E
  23. Maloria Start - 17.06.2015 If you are planning to play on a stable 10.80 server with new content? We are inviting you to create your character with desired name right now! http://maloria.eu Main advantages of Maloria: - Real Map 10.80 with new content from Test Server, also having 100% maps from global tibia. - Monsters having behaviour similar to real tibia. - Market System and Offline Training - All new mounts, outfits, graphics and animations - Possibility to make all quests from real tibia including: Hero of Rathleton Quest, Dark Trails Quest and Quests from 10.8 tibia - Anti-Kic
  24. Olá pessoal, É com muito entusiasmo que a equipe Golden Era vem apresentar a vocês o mais novo projeto global 8.6 de 2015. Calma, não é só mais um projeto. Eu, Badenhask tenho investido todo o meu tempo para trazer um servidor de propriedade muito qualificada. Temos uma vasta experiência de 8 anos em OtServ, e que com o tempo, estaremos implantando TODOS os scripts feito por nós, Equipe Golden Era. Vou citar um pouco do nosso projeto pra vocês: Áreas 10.x implantadas: • Dlair de Kazordoon Subsolo de Kazordoon • Expansão Draken Tower • Expansões que atualmente possui Coryns, adicionamos m
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