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  1. Dolnera Official Why i am need help with my proyect? -im out of money to invest in advertsment & dedicated servers -Worked alot of hours in this proyect maping i made all own solo What Proyect have?? -Website -Custom Client Open Source Sprites (you need to hide them all) -OtServer Compiled + Sources 0 Bugs! - PvP-Enforced with Skull System - Fixed the bugs with no loot dropping from players 100% containers 5% Items!!! - Loot message [!loot on off] - Task System enabled - Amulet of loss cost 50k and can be bought by Eremo or you can use !aol and pay 60k for safety. - 10k Promotion And Solo Desert Quest - Guild Wars - Party Share Experience (15% bonus experience(30% bonus experience on double shared event) - No Protection Zones on Boats, Runes from NPC (1x charged) say bp mf or bp sd - All 7.4 features! - New spells exori frigo, exori san, adori gran frigo, exori mas, exori gran, exori hur, exana mort, exevo mas san.! - PoI Dragon Lords and Quest are added to the game - Runes can be bought by NPC! (1x). If you conjure them they are double charged. - No blanks needed! Player Commands !loot Use {!loot on} or {!loot off}, to enable or disable loot message; If your in party, open party channel to see the loot message! !online Show online players. !share To enable or disable Party Shared Experience. !frags View the amount of frags your character have and how long they need to disappear. /war Invite a guild to war check out Guild War section for more informations. alito som PlayerName Sell a house you own to another player. Keep in mind to stay in house while your trade partner is near to you. tasks list You can have upto 3 tasks at the same time. tasks repeatable 3x times You can have upto 3x at the same time Custom Backpacks Demon Helmet Quest Ferumbras Raid > With Ferumbras Hat Item! All Tibia 7.4 Sprites + Custom Content Hydra Respawn In Port Hope Pits Of inferno Quest Special & Customizable Items My Discord: Riven Lara#2774
  2. NEW REAL MAP TIBIA SERVER 8.0IP: http://venebra.sytes.net/Client: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VgfPG2tgDx6qoho5ITkcNBEt53<br />k78UXuVersion: 8.0 &amp;amp; custom contet like monsters and addonsExp Rate Stage: Starts 50xMap: Real MapLoot Rate: 3xSkill Rate: 30xMagic Rate: 12xServer Features-Shared Party Experience with the new bonus system, depending on different vocations in the party.-Unique Task System with the ability to choose between kill or collect modes, difficultly of the task, also how long the task should be and the reward between exp, gold or training.-War System to test their skills and power or to solve an intractable conflict, guilds can declare war on other guilds.-Raid System creatures will execute a raid on a nearby town or city.-Addons can be obtain as real tibia. Through making missions and collect the items!Other features!Custom ChangesConjure runes double charge!Change gold by clicking on them!Rashid &amp;amp; Grizzly Adams are added into game (Rashid can be found as rl tibia)Travel boat under level 50 are free. Post Your Char Name TO GAIN FREE SOFT
  3. ta dando debug toda hora cuando cria un item /i grasshoper legs
  4. Nice Job, Bro tibia 10 compativle? si ele e compativle me manda o link pls?
  5. IP: globalhigheasy.com Version: 10.98/99 Porta: 7171 alguem pode me ajudar criando um tibia client 11 para meu otserver? pls dou rep++
  6. IP: globalhigheasy.com Version: 10.98/99 Porta: 7171 Web Site Global Hight Exp - Newest Real map 10.99 (with Glooth Bandits, Seacrest Spawn, Lion's Rock, The Otherworld) and three aditional new islands (and quests on them)! - Retro PVP. - Real Tibia like monsters & spells (exact formulas). - All major quests: Ferumbras Ascendant Quest, Rathleton Quest, Oramond Quest, Roshamuul Quest, War Against the Hive, Gnomebase, Black Liquid Quest and of course all major older quests! - AI Bosses (with all unique attacks) with reward containers! - Market, offline training, cast system! - Real tibia raids! Tibia-like World Changes: - Horse Station (ability to rent or tame a horse) - Yasir (oriental trader) - Swamp Fever (Feverish Citizens in Venore) - Overhunting (White Deers/Starving Wolves) - Demon Wars (Shaburak vs Askarak war) - Horestis Tomb (ability to tame Sandstone Scorpion - and more... Tibia-like mini world changes: - Roshamuul - Sight of Surrender spawn in Guzzlemaw Valley - Roshamuul - Sight of Surrender spawn in upper Roshamuul - Roshamuul - Mawhawk's Lair World Change - Fury Gates - Spirit Grounds - Ab'Dendriel Changing Grounds - and more... World Events: -Zombi Event -Capture The Flag -Battle Event -Last Man Standing -War Anti Entrosa Some Hunting Zones Were Edited Lower Roshamuul Catacombs Oramond
  7. alguem sabe pq ta dando esse error ahi? no boton to play!? Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on boolean in C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\website.php:249 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\play.php(11): Website::generateSessionKey() #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\system\load.page.php(7): include('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php(39): include_once('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #3 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\website.php on line 249
  8. hola galera eu to precisando de esse scrip em roshamuul que cuando vc da click em osso "large pile of various bones" vc tem probabilidade de conseguir um cluster of solace ou probabilidade de dar summon um guzzlemaw obrigado pela ajuda
  9. script roshamuul bone crushers algem pode me ajudar com esse script? plss! ajuda aeeeeeee
  10. algen sabe qp da esse error? ajuda pls!

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