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  1. mais esse systema addon so tem em um serve que eu saiba entao ja fiz ae o systema fi. pq so um serve tem esse systema fiz pra esse serve tendeu mlk
  2. Fique de boa fi sou programador refiz o dele melhor sem bug. nao fala oq nao sabe '-'
  3. coloca isso no action/Orde.lua local skills = specialabilities local surfborders = {4644, 4645, 4646, 4647, 4648, 4649, 4650, 4651, 4652, 4653, 4654, 4655, 4656, 4657, 4658, 4659, 4660, 4661, 4662, 4663} local txt = { ["rock smash"] = {"break that rock!", "smash that rock!", "destroy that rock!", "smash it!", "break it!", "destroy it!"}, ["cut"] = {"cut that bush!", "cut it down!", "cut it off!", "cut off that bush!", "cut down that bush!", "cut that bush down!"}, ["move"] = {"move!", "move there!", "go there!", "walk there!"}, ["light"] = {"flash!", "light!", "flash this place!", "light up this place!"}, ["dig"] = {"open that hole!", "dig that hole!", "open it!", "dig it!"}, ["blink"] = {"teleport there!", "blink there!", "blink!", "teleport!"}, ["ride"] = {"let me ride you!", "let's ride!", "let me mount you!", "let me get on you!"}, ["fly"] = {"let's fly!", "let me get on you!"} , ["untransform"] = {"go back to normal!", "transform into yourself again!", "stop transformation!"}, ["headbutt"] = {"headbutt on three", "headbutt that three!", "headbutt it off"}, --alterado v2.6 } function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) if getPlayerStorageValue(cid,130130) >= 1 then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, 19, "Nao Pode Dar Order Nessa Area.") return true end if getPlayerStorageValue(cid,6598754) >= 1 or getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 6598755) >= 1 then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, 19, "[Order] Nao Pode usa Order Nessa Area.") return true end local checkpos = topos checkpos.stackpos = 0 if getTileThingByPos(checkpos).uid <= 0 then return true end --------END FLY/RIDE -------- if getCreatureCondition(cid, CONDITION_OUTFIT) and (item2.uid == cid or getRecorderPlayer(topos) == cid) and (getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 17000) >= 1 or getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 17001) >= 1) then if isInArray({460, 11675, 11676, 11677}, getTileInfo(getThingPos(cid)).itemid) then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You can\'t stop flying at this height!") return true end local item = getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8) local pokemon = getItemAttribute(item.uid, "poke") local x = pokes[pokemon] if getTileInfo(getThingPos(cid)).itemid >= 4820 and getTileInfo(getThingPos(cid)).itemid <= 4825 then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You can\'t stop flying above the water!") return true end doSummonMonster(cid, pokemon) local pk = getCreatureSummons(cid)[1] if not isCreature(pk) then pk = doCreateMonster(pokemon, backupPos) if not isCreature(pk) then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You can't stop flying/riding here.") return true end doConvinceCreature(cid, pk) end doTeleportThing(pk, getThingPos(cid), false) doCreatureSetLookDir(pk, getCreatureLookDir(cid)) adjustStatus(pk, item.uid, true, false, true) doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1])..", let me get down!", 19) doRegainSpeedLevel(cid) doRemoveCondition(cid, CONDITION_OUTFIT) local pkpkpk = getCreatureSummons(cid)[1] local pkjg = getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8).uid local pkza = getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8).uid local pkxd = getItemAttribute(pkjg,"addon") if not pkxd then doSetItemAttribute(pkza,"addon",0) elseif pkxd > 0 then doSetCreatureOutfit(pkpkpk, {lookType = pkxd}, -1) end setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 17000, -1) setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 17001, -1) return true end if #getCreatureSummons(cid) == 0 then return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You need a pokemon to use order!") end if getCreatureNoMove(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]) then return true end markLP(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1], -1) if getMarkedPos(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]).x == topos.x and getMarkedPos(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]).y == topos.y then return true end local unfix = {x = 1, y = 1, z = 1} local thisball = getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8) local mysum = getCreatureSummons(cid)[1] local sid = mysum or cid local maxMoveDist = getDistanceBetween(getThingPos(sid), topos) * 2 + 1 markPos(mysum, topos) markOwnerPos(mysum, getThingPos(cid)) -------- ROCK SMASH --------- if item2.itemid == 1285 and isInArray(skills["rock smash"], getPokemonName(mysum)) then doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["rock smash"][math.random(1, #txt["rock smash"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "rock smash", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) return true end ----------------------------- -------- HEADBUTT ----------- if item2.itemid == 12591 and getPokemonLevel(mysum) >= 15 then --alterado v2.6 --id do item arvore normal doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["headbutt"][math.random(1, #txt["headbutt"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "headbutt", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) return true end ----------------------------- -------- CUT ---------------- if item2.itemid == 2767 and isInArray(skills["cut"], getPokemonName(mysum)) then doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["cut"][math.random(1, #txt["cut"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "cut", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) return true end ----------------------------- -------- TRANSFORM ---------- if getCreatureName(mysum) == "Ditto" and isMonster(item2.uid) then if item2.uid == mysum then if isTransformed(mysum) then deTransform(mysum, getItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "transTurn")) markPos(mysum, unfix) doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["untransform"][math.random(1, #txt["untransform"])].."", 19) return true end doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your ditto is not transformed.") markPos(mysum, unfix) return true end if getCreatureName(item2.uid) == "Ditto" then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your ditto can't transform into another ditto.") markPos(mysum, unfix) return true end if getCreatureName(item2.uid) == getPlayerStorageValue(mysum, 1010) then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your ditto is already transformed into that pokemon.") markPos(mysum, unfix) return true end local cd = getCD(thisball.uid, "trans", 40) if cd > 0 then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your pokemon is too tired to transform again. Cooldown: ("..getStringmytempo(cd)..")") return true end if getHappiness(mysum) <= 50 then doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(mysum), happinessRate[1].effect) markPos(mysum, unfix) return true end local turn = getItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "transTurn") if not turn or turn > 10 then doItemSetAttribute(thisball.uid, "transTurn", 0) else doItemSetAttribute(thisball.uid, "transTurn", turn + 1) end local time = 140 + 2 * getPokemonLevel(mysum) turn = getItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "transTurn") markPos(mysum, unfix) setPlayerStorageValue(mysum, 1010, getCreatureName(item2.uid)) doSetCreatureOutfit(mysum, getCreatureOutfit(item2.uid), -1) addEvent(deTransform, time * 1000, mysum, turn) doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(mysum), 184) doCreatureSay(mysum, "TRANSFORM!", TALKTYPE_MONSTER) local name = getCreatureName(item2.uid) setCD(thisball.uid, "trans", 40) doItemSetAttribute(thisball.uid, "transBegin", os.clock()) doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "transLeft", time) doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "transOutfit", getCreatureOutfit(item2.uid).lookType) doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "transName", getCreatureName(item2.uid)) doFaceCreature(mysum, getThingPos(item2.uid)) doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", transform into "..getArticle(name).." "..name.."!", 19) if useKpdoDlls then doUpdateMoves(cid) --alterado v2.6 end if dittoCopiesStatusToo then doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "boffense", dittoBonus * getOffense(item2.uid)) doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "bdefense", dittoBonus * getDefense(item2.uid)) doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "bsattack", dittoBonus * getSpecialAttack(item2.uid)) doSetItemAttribute(thisball.uid, "bagility", dittoBonus * getSpeed(item2.uid)) adjustStatus(mysum, thisball.uid) end return true end ----------------------------- -------- LIGHT -------------- if isMonster(item2.uid) and getCreatureMaster(item2.uid) == cid then markPos(mysum, unfix) if not isInArray(skills["light"], getPokemonName(item2.uid)) then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your pokemon can't use flash.") return true end local cd = getCD(thisball.uid, "light", 30) if cd > 0 then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your pokemon is too tired to use flash. Cooldown: ("..getStringmytempo(cd)..")") return true end doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["light"][math.random(1, #txt["light"])].."", 19) doCreatureSay(mysum, "FLASH!", TALKTYPE_MONSTER) doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(mysum), 28) local size = 5 size = size + math.floor(getSpecialAttack(mysum) / 60) size = size + math.ceil(getPokemonLevel(mysum) / 60) if size > 11 then size = 11 end doSetCreatureLight(mysum, size, 215, 600*1000) local delay = math.floor(30 - getPokemonLevel(mysum) / 4) if delay > 0 then setCD(thisball.uid, "light", delay) end return true end ----------------------------- -------- DIG ---------------- if isInArray(skills["digholes"], item2.itemid) and isInArray(skills["dig"], getPokemonName(mysum)) then doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["dig"][math.random(1, #txt["dig"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "dig", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) return true end ----------------------------- -------- BLINK / MOVE ------- if not isCreature(item2.uid) and isInArray(skills["blink"], getPokemonName(mysum)) then local cd = getCD(thisball.uid, "blink", 30) if getPlayerStorageValue(mysum, 2365487) == 1 then return true --alterado v2.4 end if cd > 0 or not canWalkOnPos(topos, false, false, true, true, true) then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Blink cooldown: ("..getStringmytempo(cd)..")") doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["move"][math.random(1, #txt["move"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "move", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid)), maxMoveDist) return true end local CD = isShinyName(getCreatureName(mysum)) and 20 or 30 --edited blink markPos(mysum, topos) markOwnerPos(mysum, getThingPos(cid)) setCD(thisball.uid, "blink", CD) doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["blink"][math.random(1, #txt["blink"])].."", 19) doSendDistanceShoot(getThingPos(mysum), topos, 39) doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(mysum), 211) doTeleportThing(mysum, topos, false) doSendMagicEffect(topos, 134) doCreatureSay(mysum, "BLINK!", TALKTYPE_MONSTER) goThere(mysum, topos, "blink", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) --edited blink return true end ----------------------------- ----START FLYorRIDE --------- if (item2.uid == cid or getRecorderPlayer(topos) == cid) and (isInArray(skills["fly"], getPokemonName(mysum)) or isInArray(skills["ride"], getPokemonName(mysum))) then if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 212124) >= 1 then --alterado v2.6 return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You can't do it with a pokemon with mind controlled!") end if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 52480) >= 1 then return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You can't do it while a duel!") --alterado v2.6 end if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 5700) == 1 then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You can't do that while is mount in a bike!") --edited proteçao pra bike return true end local pct = getCreatureHealth(mysum) / getCreatureMaxHealth(mysum) doItemSetAttribute(getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8).uid, "hp", 1 - pct) if isInArray(skills["fly"], getPokemonName(mysum)) then doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["fly"][math.random(1, #txt["fly"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "fly", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) else doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["ride"][math.random(1, #txt["ride"])].."", 19) addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "ride", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid))) end return true end ----------------------------------Control Mind-------------------------------------------- alterado v2.5 if isCreature(item2.uid) and ehMonstro(item2.uid) and isInArray(skills["control mind"], getCreatureName(mysum)) and item2.uid ~= mysum then if not isCreature(item2.uid) then return true end if isSleeping(mysum) then return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your pokemon is sleeping...zZzZ") end if getTileInfo(getThingPos(cid)).protection or getTileInfo(getThingPos(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1])).protection then return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You or your pokemon are in Pz zone!") end if #getCreatureSummons(cid) == 2 then return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You only can control one Pokemon!") end local cd = getCD(thisball.uid, "control", 120) if cd > 0 then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You have to wait "..cd.." segs to use Control Mind again!") return true end if getPokemonLevel(item2.uid) >= getPokemonLevel(mysum) then return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Your pokemon can't control this mind!") end local cmed = item2.uid setCD(thisball.uid, "control", 120) doSendDistanceShoot(getThingPos(mysum), getThingPos(cmed), 39) -------------- setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 212124, 1) doConvinceCreature(cid, cmed) setPlayerStorageValue(cmed, 212123, 1) doCreatureSay(cid, ""..getCreatureName(mysum)..", control "..string.lower(getCreatureName(cmed)).."'s mind!", 19) local cmname = getCreatureName(mysum) local cmpos = getThingPos(mysum) local pokelife = (getCreatureHealth(mysum) / getCreatureMaxHealth(mysum)) doItemSetAttribute(thisball.uid, "hp", pokelife) doRemoveCreature(mysum) local cmzao = doSummonCreature(""..cmname.." cm", cmpos) doConvinceCreature(cid, cmzao) setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 888, 1) if useKpdoDlls then doUpdateMoves(cid) end local function check(cid, controled, rod) if isCreature(cid) then ball2 = getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8) if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 888) <= 0 then return true end if not isCreature(controled) then setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 212124, 0) local sum = isCreature(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]) and getCreatureSummons(cid)[1] or getCreatureSummons(cid)[2] local pkcmpos = getThingPos(sum) doRemoveCreature(sum) local item = getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 8) local pk = doSummonCreature(getItemAttribute(item.uid, "poke"), pkcmpos) doConvinceCreature(cid, pk) doCreatureSetLookDir(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1], 2) addEvent(doAdjustWithDelay, 100, cid, pk, true, true, false) setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 888, 0) cleanCMcds(item.uid) registerCreatureEvent(pk, "SummonDeath") --alterado v2.6 if useKpdoDlls then doUpdateMoves(cid) end return true end if rod <= 0 then --Pokemon controlado local cmed2 = getCreatureSummons(cid)[1] local poscmed = getThingPos(cmed2) local cmeddir = getCreatureLookDir(cmed2) local namecmed = getCreatureName(cmed2) local gender = getPokemonGender(cmed2) local level = getWildPokemonLevel(cmed2) local hp, maxHp = getCreatureHealth(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]), getCreatureMaxHealth(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]) doRemoveCreature(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]) local back = doCreateMonster(namecmed, poscmed) addEvent(doCreatureSetSkullType, 150, back, gender) addEvent(setWildPokemonLevel, 150, back, level) doWildAttackPlayer(back, cid) doCreatureSetLookDir(back, cmeddir) addEvent(doCreatureAddHealth, 100, back, hp-maxHp) -- pokemon controlador local mynewpos = getThingPos(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]) doRemoveCreature(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]) local pk2 = doSummonCreature(getItemAttribute(ball2.uid, "poke"), mynewpos) doConvinceCreature(cid, pk2) addEvent(doAdjustWithDelay, 100, cid, pk2, true, true, false) setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 888, 0) doCreatureSetLookDir(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1], 2) setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 212124, 0) cleanCMcds(ball2.uid) registerCreatureEvent(pk2, "SummonDeath") --alterado v2.6 if useKpdoDlls then doUpdateMoves(cid) end else if isInArray({"Haunter", "Gengar", "Shiny Gengar"}, cmname) then doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]), 214) else doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(getCreatureSummons(cid)[1]), 220) end end end addEvent(check, 500, cid, controled, rod-1) end check(cid, cmed, 40) return true end --------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- MOVE / END --------- local onlyWater = false if isWater(getTileThingByPos(checkpos).itemid) then onlyWater = true for checkwater = 0, 7 do if not isWater(getTileThingByPos(getPosByDir(checkpos, checkwater)).itemid) then onlyWater = false end end end if onlyWater then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "Destination is not reachable.") return true end doPlayerSay(cid, ""..getPokeName(mysum)..", "..txt["move"][math.random(1, #txt["move"])].."", 19) if isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid)) then goThere(mysum, topos, "move", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid)), maxMoveDist) else addEvent(goThere, 500, mysum, topos, "move", isCreature(getCreatureTarget(cid)), maxMoveDist) end ----------------------------- return true end
  4. Shiny Zam Ramaker Com a cor antiga Estao No Arquivo Pra Dowload Creditos:EU Dowload:http://www.mediafire.com/file/h1pjgqrag43c6xx/sprites.rar scan:https://www.virustotal.com/pt/file/61308d5ab33c1bdce10a26ca51569119faee2d4d384e9a51ab480585ed44be12/analysis/1513101476/ sprites.rar
  5. acho meio difícil alguém passa isso de graça tbm to atraz desse sistema a vários messes

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