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  1. Hey thanks for sharing but i already had those haha im updating the new monsters and items for 10.94 right now.. do you have the looktypes yet? for the new monsters or you just were able to update the items.otbm
  2. Actually the ones included in the global.zip work with the 10.94 version just smooth but is an much older version than the offial one :s anyways he changed just the definitions was just the version.. i was working in another tfs that debbugs the client but this one works good eventhou the items.obtm still from an earlier version 10.91 i think so new potions wont work blablablabla but is good i guess for those who are going to use it ..
  3. the sources still say 10.93 and when you change them it gives you debug lol they're the same as before rolf
  4. I have it if you havent got it i can share it with you I also have the test server otb for the new items blablabla
  5. Are you going the release the othert spawns bro? like New Wyrms, etc also I was hoping if you have an spawn.xml of dawnport haha is not a request just wondering if you have it and are able to share it.. thanks<3
  6. Get a faster computer or don't watch porn while playing OT hahaah im just kidding which version do you use? the same happened to me but it fixed by itself when I used another site so good luck
  7. To unblock port 80 you have to either uninstall the IIS Service or Skype. To unistall or deactive the IIS on windows 10 it's like this. and on windows 7 check this site Hope it helped
  8. Thats because the map you are trying to use was/its saved in a different version that is not compatible with this release i guess, what you can do is import the map instead just trying to open it and then save it and it should work... just make sure its saved in the correct version the in MAP properties and also make sure you add the items.xml and otb of your data pack to the RME data etc etc etc...
  9. Upload them anyway and quote your changed theres few people waiting on the update but apparently "Fin de Semana" in portuguese means more than 1 month haha not sure yet anyways I'll be looking for your link if you upload it I have several fixes and additions to this/absolute datapack that im also willing to share with the public let me know!
  10. LoL it will take me more time to find the links or whatever than explain you again.. I'm saying thins because 70% of the questions have already been asked and answered but you guys are too lazy to read and use the search tool. but anyways i'll try to help you guys out but for real try to search and read first haha ;< To access the admin panel you need to add the access page code into your account in the database. the field name is page_access in the accounts table of course use phpmyadmin to edit this. to find out whats the access code open your config.php in the config/ folder of your site, and look for this line: # PAGE: adminpanel.php $config['site']['access_admin_panel'] = 9999; you can change it for any number you want. just make sure you also give the same value to the field in the database and to who you want to give access hope it helps if not I'm sure that a few pages back is a better explanation just need to click back and read a little:<

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