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  1. Blez

    Sprites Zezenia

    I see, no worries.. thank you for your contribution (:
  2. Blez

    Sprites Zezenia

    By any chance wouldn't have an items.xml file? wanted to map a couple things using these sprites, could potentially even through work your way if needed for compensation.
  3. Im in the process of something private like this.
  4. Blez

    Sprites Zezenia

    what version is this spr and dat?
  5. If you ever need another mapper just shoot me a message.

    13+ years mapping experience. (I can legit make anything).. go ahead try me(:

    Worked on over 20+ successful servers, and twice that on Projects.

    I'm Fluent in speaking, writing and teaching English as a Core language.

    Anything else don't hesitate to ask(:


  6. Blez

    Mapping Pxg Map remake

    Project is still in the works, more images very soon.
  7. Blez

    Mapping Pxg Map remake

    Map will be done roughly 2 weeks from now, will be taking offers for sale.
  8. Blez

    Mapping Pxg Map remake

    Not sure yet might sell it when its done.
  9. Blez

    Mapping Pxg Map remake

    Western Cerulean Outskirts Cerulean City Eastern Cerulean Outskirts Lavender Town Saffron&Celadon
  10. Pallet Town, Police Station. Viridian City Overview Viridian Forest Pewter City Pewter Outskirts Mt. Moon Minimap Minimap, update.

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